Audible Escape Recommendations

I’ve had Audible Escape for two years or so now and I love it, but I also hate that it can be so challenging to find books that you’re interested in. When Dani was talking to me about the service, which she’s trying, I realized that actually, as a person who loves when people make these kinds of lists, I could do the same thing. So, here we are. I’ll make a list of ten every so often so that hopefully you too can find books you really want to read on this service.

Audible Escape Recomendations

Alyssa Cole

We’re starting out with one of my favorite authors so that I can tell you all about the many books that she has available on AE. First, we have A Princess in Theory, which is a fantastic book about Naledi, a graduate student who is getting emails about her betrothal to an African Prince, which are obviously spam. Except, in Ledi’s case, they are not. And!! When you’re finished you can read A Duke by Default, which is my personal favorite in the Reluctant Royals series and one I definitely want to re-read. Then you’re got The A.I. Who Loved Me, which is Alyssa Cole’s sci-fi/suspense rom com that’s an Audible Original, and is utterly delightful. It’s narrated by a full cast of very famous people too. I’m really looking forward to the sequel. Finally, you can listen to four novellas in a bind up and I think most are available separately. These novellas are her independently published works, Be Not Afraid (a Revolutionary War set novella with two black leads fighting for opposite sides), That Could Be Enough (from the Hamilton bind up with Courtney Milan and Rose Lerner, a sapphic love story between Eliza Hamilton’s maid and a seamstress), Let Us Dream (a 1920s set love story between a cabaret owner and a chef, touches on immigration and women’s suffrage), and Let It Shine (probably my personal favorite set during the Civil Rights Movement featuring a black heroine who decides to take a risk and a Jewish boxer man whom she knew as a child).

Courtney Milan

So many of Courtney Milan’s books are on Audible Escape, it would take ages to tell you about all of them. So I shall leave it at this. The entire Brother’s Sinister series is available via Audible Escape and I really need to re-read the series. The series order is The Governess Affair (a novella and also have you read Charlotte’s beautiful blog post about this book?), The Duchess War, A Kiss for Midwinter (a novella set around Christmas that deals with a miscarriage toward the beginning, but is not about that; hate to love), The Heiress Effect (this book has one of the best secondary love stories in the history of books), The Countess Conspiracy (one of the best friends to lovers), The Suffragette Scandal, and Talk Sweetly to Me (another great novella that I would recommend to anyone who liked the plot of The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite). Also available are Courtney’s Cyclone series releases, Trade Me and Hold Me, which Dani and I are reading for our When Old Meets New project.

Nalini Singh

Y’all. Audible Escape happened for me because I discovered I could binge read Nalini Singh without stopping. First of all, every Psy-Changeling book through Ocean’s Light is currently in Audible Escape and while I can’t promise you’ll love the narrator (I do), it’s pretty risk free if you don’t. So that’s like, what… 17 books to start you off? Then you can turn to Guild Hunters, which are all on there until the most recent as well, I think. And!! You can listen to Rock Hard, which is one of my favorite romance novels ever and is one Dani and I have already read for the When Old Meets New project and you can read about our joint thoughts if you click that link. Also available are the other books in the Rock Kiss series and Cherish Hard in the Hard Play series. Plus a couple of older categories that Nalini wrote pre-Psy-Changeling.

Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward

While the entire series is not on Audible Escape, you can binge a good many of the iconic vampire series beginning with Dark Lover. The narrator is another where I can’t promise you’ll love him, but so many people do. I’m fairly neutral, but he doesn’t detract from my enjoyment at all. Lover Awakened, book three in the series, was one of my favorite books of last year! The first six books in the series are part of the package.

Kennedy Ryan

Flow and Grip are both in the Audible Escape package and they are definitely worth listening to! First of all, I think the Grip series is my favorite by Kennedy Ryan and I really enjoyed listening on audio. The narrator for Grip just like… His voice is great. These were the second set of contemporaries Dani and I read for the When Old Meets New project and you can find our thoughts here! Also available is Long Shot, which I didn’t read on audio and can’t really tell you anything helpful. Keep in mind if you do decide to try it out that Long Shot has incredibly triggering content related to graphic domestic violence. Her other two books in Audible Escape right now are My Soul to Keep and Down to My Soul, which are books one and two respectively in her series following Bristol’s brother, Rhyson, and aspiring singer/dancer/actress, Kai. I’ve not listened to these either, but perhaps you’ll like them. (Also, as an aside, Teddy Hamilton narrates Block Shot, which is my personal favorite Kennedy Ryan book, I think, and I really, really wish that was in Audible Escape. Lol)

Gone Too Far by Suzanne Brockmann

For unknown reasons, only books 6-11 of the Troubleshooters series (plus a few random novellas) are in the Audible Escape package, but books six (the one linked above), nine, and eleven are my three favorites in the series so far and I don’t really see that changing. Gone Too Far is the Sam and Alyssa book I refuse to shut up about. You can read about Max and Gina (another favorite couple) in Breaking Point and about Jules and Robin as a very prominent secondary couple in Force of Nature. Technically I would recommend reading these books in order, but like, if you really want to read a romantic suspense series with a lot of action, you could start with Sam and Alyssa and just keep going.

The Four Hundred Series by Joanna Shupe

Technically only the first two books in the series are in Audible Escape, but that’s two out of the three! So you could listen to A Daring Arrangement, which I did and I loved it. It’s about Lady Nora who wants to get sent back to England to be with her beau so she convinces Julian, a scandalous bachelor, to pretend to be her fiancé and things go from there. And then you could listen to A Scandalous Deal about a lady architect who is very attracted to the man who hired her father to build a hotel, which I also really loved.

Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

If you’re tired of missing out on the wild ride that is Ice Planet Barbarians like I was, you can certainly try them out on audio. I like the narrators and the first seven books are available through this service. If you have missed the craze that is this series, basically they’re sci-fi romances where a group of human women were kidnapped by bad aliens, crash landed on an alien planet, where different aliens found them and are fated mates with some of the human women. There’s also a podcast!

From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata

I mentioned Teddy Hamilton earlier as being a narrator whose voice I really like and you can hear it occasionally in From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata, which is her ice skating hate to love slow burn. I actually really enjoyed this one because I did like both narrators. If you’re prepared for something lengthy and you want it to be a slow simmer, this is not a bad choice. I felt like you could actually feel the burn in this one though, unlike some of her work where it’s less clear that these people have feelings for one another until you’re 90% of the way through. There’s also a Heaving Bosoms podcast episode on this book!

Sarina Bowen

First of all, I love the True North series, so I’m going to talk about that one first because did you know that books one through six are available to listen to via Audible Escape? These are some of my favorite contemporary small town romance books of all time. I especially love Speakeasy and Steadfast (book two, second chance, very angsty). I listened to some but not all of these books on audio and they do have different narrators sometimes, which I kind of like, tbh. Teddy Hamilton narrates Keepsake and Bountiful! Also available though are the books in The Ivy Years series, which is where I started with Sarina Bowen and I think I read all of these books in the span of two days? I fell deep into the rabbit hole. You’ve also got some of the Brooklyn Bruisers books available beginning with Rookie Move (second chance), Hard Hitter, and Pipe Dreams (another second chance), plus independently published Brooklynaire. And some books I have yet to read like, Goodbye Paradise and Hello Forever, plus her collaboration with Sarah Mayberry, Temporary.

Do you use Audible Escape? Have you found any titles you absolutely loved? If so, leave them down below!


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