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  • Audible Escape Recommendations

    I’ve had Audible Escape for two years or so now and I love it, but I also hate that it can be so challenging to find books that you’re interested in. When Dani was talking to me about the service, which she’s trying, I realized that actually, as a person who loves when people make…

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  • A Hope Divided: A Spoiler Free Review

    A Hope Divided: A Spoiler Free Review

    Y’all, I still can’t get over being lucky enough to get an ARC of this book from NetGalley, so super thanks to them for the opportunity to have read one of my most anticipated books of Fall in advance of it’s release date. This was especially valuable considering there are only two days left in…

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  • Hamilton's Battalion: A Spoiler Free Review

    Hamilton's Battalion: A Spoiler Free Review

    Thank you so much to Alyssa Cole, Rose Lerner, and Courtney Milan for allowing me to read this collection of their short stories in advance of release day so I could tell all of you about it! I adore Courtney Milan, as you likely know, so I was obviously interested in this book immediately. Additionally,…

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  • Highly Anticipated Books: Fall Edition

    Highly Anticipated Books: Fall Edition

    Does Fall technically start on September 21? Yes. Does that matter for purposes of the way anyone thinks of seasons in the United States? No. Not really. Even Starbucks agrees that Fall is September through November (or through Thanksgiving and then we get RED CUPS, which are my favorites). Anyway, so the point of this…

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