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  • Audible Escape Recommendations

    I’ve had Audible Escape for two years or so now and I love it, but I also hate that it can be so challenging to find books that you’re interested in. When Dani was talking to me about the service, which she’s trying, I realized that actually, as a person who loves when people make…

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  • November Wrap Up, Part Two

    Given my grand plans of reading a lot of nonfiction and writing 50,000 words by the end of the month, the second half of November has definitely gone awry. That said, I’m not mad about it. November is an exhausting month. Like, when Daylight Savings kicks in (off?), it’s basically time to just start going…

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  • November Wrap Up, Part One

    I am still participating in NaNoWriMo, never mind that I haven’t written in several days, but I’ve also been making good progress on my Nonfiction November challenge and also I’ve maybe (definitely) read some books not on my TBR at all. So let’s talk about those, shall we?

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