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  • Fall Quarter Favorites

    Fall Quarter Favorites

    I know everyone is releasing their favorite books of the year posts, but I have to squeeze in my final quarter of 2022 favorites real quick first! I just feel like I have so much to talk about at the end and beginning of the year every time and it’s made worse because of how…

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  • Favorite New/New to Me Authors Found in 2022

    Favorite New/New to Me Authors Found in 2022

    One of the things I love to do is keep track of the new authors I find throughout the year and then it’s neat to look back to past years and see when I first discovered my favorites. This year is a little strange because I have been pretty awful at continuing to read from…

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  • Favorites of Q2: April – June 2022

    Favorites of Q2: April – June 2022

    Y’all, I really have read some great books in the last three months that I’m excited to talk about in a little more detail. There’s a very good chance that you’ll see several of these books on my ultimate lists at the end of the year. I feel like my content lately is making it…

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  • First Quarter Favorites of 2022

    Honestly, it’s really difficult to believe it’s already April. This year is flying by. I don’t know if I’m the only one who is feeling that way, but I definitely am. It’s like I blinked on January 1st and here were are. This year has been hectic and stressful and challenging on so many levels,…

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  • Favorites of the Fourth Quarter

    Favorites of the Fourth Quarter

    Are you overwhelmed with my favorites lists yet? If so, I’m sorry, but also, I have a lot of books I want to talk about! Although, if we’re being honest, I’m realizing you’ve seen a lot of these books already featured in the other lists I have shared. Also, just so we’re all clear, I…

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  • Favorite Non-Romance Titles Read in 2021

    Favorite Non-Romance Titles Read in 2021

    As you all may have noticed, every now and again, I do venture outside of romance and read from other genres. So I am excited to present to you in this post my top ten non-romance titles and a few honorable mentions from 2021 reads!

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  • My Favorite Backlist Romances that I Read in 2021

    My Favorite Backlist Romances that I Read in 2021

    I am back with another list of favorites for you today because I just can’t help myself but have several lists. We’ll get into how many books I read total in 2021, but I think it was right around 270 so this is sort of like a list of 10 per 100 books read. Or…

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  • Favorite Books of Spring (Q2)

    I really love sharing more with y’all about my favorite books at all times of the year so I am very attached to this quarterly thing I’ve got going on right now. I am presenting you today with ten favorite books and I will say that this list was sort of challenging to make so…

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  • Quarterly Favorites: October, November, & December 2020

    Quarterly Favorites: October, November, & December 2020

    I know I’ve been giving you all a ton of content about the books that I loved this year and I hope you’ll indulge me for one more post to round out the year of quarterly favorites. These are my ten favorite books from October, November, and December, and to be honest with you, this…

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  • Favorite Backlist Books of 2020

    Favorite Backlist Books of 2020

    I absolutely adore giving my favorite backlist titles their own time to shine, so let’s not waste any time because these are some absolutely fantastic books and I don’t want you to miss out on them if you kept putting them off like me. I will say, these books are in no particular order because…

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