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  • Tier Ranking the 2022 Releases I Read from Sept. – Dec.

    Tier Ranking the 2022 Releases I Read from Sept. – Dec.

    I’ve decided to embrace the tier ranking system so that I don’t have to actually try and separate out my feelings on all of the books that I feel very average about. So what we’re going to have instead today are tiers! I have no idea how this will go, so if y’all would please…

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  • Contemporary Romance Favorites Project: Hate to Want You, Rock Hard, and A Duke by Default

    Contemporary Romance Favorites Project: Hate to Want You, Rock Hard, and A Duke by Default

    Yesterday was my 31st birthday and as a treat during my birthday month, I picked three of the four books that I usually rattle off as my favorite contemporary romances of all time. Hate to Want You by Alisha Rai, Rock Hard by Nalini Singh, and A Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole. I’ve re-read…

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  • Try a Chapter: October ARCs

    Try a Chapter: October ARCs

    As we’ve discussed, I have a problem with requesting ARCs. As in, I love scrolling Netgalley a little too much. In October, I have ten ARCs, but I’m also going to include The Empress in this post because, tbh, I really truly thought that The Empress came out in October, but then it turns out…

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  • Ranking All 46 2022 Releases I’ve Read from May – August

    Ranking All 46 2022 Releases I’ve Read from May – August

    I’ve just counted up the books we’re going to be looking at today and holy cow, I cannot believe how many I’ve read. What was I doing? I’m probably going to be brief for most of these because these posts are always so long anyway!! I’ll do my best to link you to anywhere I…

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  • Try a Chapter: September ARCs

    Try a Chapter: September ARCs

    I have six ARCs for the month of September, which after the abundance of ARCs I had for August feels like such a relief. Will I get all of these read during September? That is still a question, but I’m certainly going to try, along with getting through the rest of the August ARCs I…

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  • Try a Chapter Tag

    Try a Chapter Tag

    I have no idea where this concept came from, honestly, but I have a lot of books that I really want to read and a lot of books that I really need to be reading, so I thought I would do a try a chapter tag of… almost exclusively books that I want to, but…

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  • Let’s Talk: Marketing Romance Novels

    I think I’ve known that people in my romance reader circles have had feelings about marketing romance novels (and women’s fiction) for a while, but when I posted my Heavier Topics in Romance thoughts a couple weeks ago, it became clear that so many of us have thoughts about marketing. The thing is, those of…

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  • Checking In with My Winter and Spring Most Anticipated Lists: Did I Read Them? Were They Great?

    As y’all may know, I make lists for every season of anticipated reads and I try to also check in to see if I’m actually reading and making progress on those books. So this check in is with my Winter and Spring lists. I included ten books on the main winter list, but one of…

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  • Mid-Year Freak Out Tag

    It’s the middle of the year and therefore time to complete this tag that I’ve done the last few years and that is super popular on YouTube. The original tag was created by Earl Gray Books. I really enjoy this check in with my reading. I think I’m currently at just shy of 150 books…

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  • Favorite Contemporary Romance Project

    Favorite Contemporary Romance Project

    If you read my figuring out my all time favorites post, then you may have seen that, probably unsurprisingly, I have a lot of favorite contemporary romances and I am not sure how to really whittle those down into a top five or a top ten list. So I wanted to start a reading project…

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