2019 Reading Goals

My goals in 2019 are fairly basic. One is to reduce my TBR and I actually have a plan for how to do that! Two is to continue reading diversely and boost my numbers in a few specific areas where I lacked voices from in 2018. Three is to read one nonfiction book each month. And finally I am participating in Romanceopoly and the Heaving Bosoms Embrace (as well as continuing my Immortals After Dark reading with the Fated Mates podcast). So let’s hop in to my plans!

1. Reducing My TBR

This goal has a few different components to it. First up, a book buying slow down. I’m not banning myself from buying books because I want to be able to support and read new releases I’m really excited about. Instead, I’m limiting myself to a maximum of five purchases per month. Since I know some months there are a ton of new releases coming out that I’m really excited about, I’m going to allow myself to carry over unused purchase spots for later in the year. Once I’ve obtained these new purchases, I’m meant to read them promptly. If I have new purchases that I haven’t read three months later, I have to remove a purchase slot from whatever month I’m in. I think this will help regulate how many books I bring in and gives me a reasonable amount of time to manage it.

Second, I figured out when I bought most of the books on my TBR that were added in 2018 and threw in the others into a month that I think might have been the month it was purchased or gifted to me. It’s not totally perfect, but the reason I did this is because in each month of the year, I have to read all of the unread purchased books from that same month in 2018. This means for January, I have eight books I have to read this month to achieve this goal.

Finally, I have to read five books added to my TBR prior to 2018 each month and these can be books I was purchased or gifted at any time so long as they were on my TBR before January 1, 2018.

This does mean my reading is going to be a little more rigid than usual, but I own books in basically every possible genre so I think for the most part, I’m going to be fine. Also, I’m fortunate that many of the books I own are in audio form on Hoopla, at the library, or part of the Audible romance package so I’m optimistic I’ll be able to achieve these goals as alarming as they seem right now.

As an added incentive, for every month I follow it, I get a bonus purchase to buy a physical copy of a book I’ve read but don’t yet own. My plan at the moment is to start with Courtney Milan’s Brothers Sinister series and then move to Alyssa Cole’s Loyalty League series.

2. Continue Reading Diversely and Boost Voices Unrepresented in My Own Reading

I kept pretty intense stats this year or at least intense statistics for me and what they revealed was that I’ve done a great job reading books by authors of color in general, but that certain segments of people are still being left out of my reading. Specifically in 2019, I want to maintain at least 1/3 of my reading being from authors of color (and aspire to creep closer to 50%), but I need to read more books by Native authors, Black authors, and Latinx authors in terms of ethnicity. I read a lot of Asian authors this year (hello, Nalini Singh), and so I feel like I somehow do well finding Asian authors to read and love already, but the other groups are not finding my way into my life as frequently. So I’m looking forward to changing that this year by being more conscious of who I’m picking up. I also really need to read more Queer voices, which I definitely slacked on in 2018. I’m also looking to read more books written by and featuring characters with a disability, whether that be physical or mental. And finally, I’m hoping to boost the religious diversity in my reading, so more books by and about Muslim, Jewish, etc. people.

3. Read One Nonfiction Book Per Month

This goal is extremely straightforward, but please feel free to leave recommendations down below. Also, let me know if you would be interested in knowing what Nonfiction books I own, but have not read.

4. Reading Challenges

I left links for these in the first paragraph so I won’t go more in depth here, but I’m so excited to participate in Romanceopoly! I rolled for the first time just after midnight and first up is a YA book! I can’t wait. Additionally, I love the women who host Heaving Bosoms and this Reading Embrace really just encapsulates all of the great things about the podcast, because it’s basically just inside jokes. And finally, I’m reading along with the Fated Mates podcast for Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series and I’m loving this experience. I highly recommend.

What are your goals for 2019? Let me know in the comments!


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