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  • Favorite Books of Jan-March

    Favorite Books of Jan-March

    Last year I kept an updated top ten ranking that I threw out the window when it came time to actually make one list so this time I’m just going to break it down into my top ten books of each quarter and leave future me to deal with whatever it is I do at…

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  • Most Anticipated Books of 2019

    Most Anticipated Books of 2019

    I am beyond excited for the books coming in 2019. I’m also hoping this year will be a better year in general, but we’ll focus on the books that I cannot wait for at the moment! I’ve limited myself to only twelve books, but there is a whole host of other books I cannot wait…

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  • 2019 Reading Goals

    2019 Reading Goals

    My goals in 2019 are fairly basic. One is to reduce my TBR and I actually have a plan for how to do that! Two is to continue reading diversely and boost my numbers in a few specific areas where I lacked voices from in 2018. Three is to read one nonfiction book each month.…

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