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  • 2018 Stats and Goals Reflection

    2018 Stats and Goals Reflection

    I love looking at people’s videos and posts about whether or not they achieved their goals and the full year wrap up statistics so here is my contribution to the genre, of sorts. Goal One: Read More Nonfiction In 2017, I had read 10 works of nonfiction. Did I read more than 10 in 2018?…

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  • 2019 Reading Goals

    2019 Reading Goals

    My goals in 2019 are fairly basic. One is to reduce my TBR and I actually have a plan for how to do that! Two is to continue reading diversely and boost my numbers in a few specific areas where I lacked voices from in 2018. Three is to read one nonfiction book each month.…

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  • Mid-Year Check In

    Mid-Year Check In

    At the beginning of the year, I had some incredibly lofty goals so now is the time to check in and see if I’m on track to meet any of them! I’ve read about 125 books this year, subtracting some short stories in the Guild Hunters series that are on Goodreads, but are very, very…

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