Authors I Need to Read

Given how poorly I did at reading the list of books I set out to in 2018, I decided I would be more realistic for 2019 and not set a specific time limit on authors I really need to read. And then I filled my list of ten with authors of a variety of types of books so that fingers crossed I will actually manage to read each of these authors in 2019. Also, this video was inspired by Kayla from BooksandLala who reflected on her video from a while ago where she talked about this and reflected on whether she had done so and how that had gone. So I decided instead of making a list of books I need to read in 2019, I’d do this instead! Let’s get to it.

1. Priscilla Oliveras

I first heard about Priscilla Oliveras when she was nominated for a RITA earlier this year for her debut, His Perfect Partner. I’m really looking forward to reading the entire series because I’ve heard such fantastic things about it. While she didn’t win the RITA, I am confident I’m really going to enjoy this book and her others!

2. Lenora Bell

I decided I needed to read Lenora Bell after reading Dani from Dani’s Bookshelf’s ARC Wrap Up where she reviewed Bell’s For the Duke’s Eyes Only. I then found two other Bell titles at the used bookstore and snatched them up, but still haven’t actually picked them up. Shame on me, honestly. Those titles are What a Difference a Duke Makes and Blame It on the Duke.

3. Jackie Lau

Lau seems to have exploded onto the scene, or at least my Twitter timeline, with the multitude of books she’s released this year. I own, actually pre-ordered, Grumpy Fake Boyfriend, but still have not actually read it. I started it once, but it was in one of those moods where nothing was capturing my attention and I wasn’t really in the mood to read. But I’ve heard book two is even better than book one, so basically, I have to get on this.

4. Toni Morrison

I purchased Beloved and Song of Solomon in 2017 and resolved that I would read both in 2018. But the truth is, I’m just not much of one for reading books that aren’t going to give me an HEA right now. I’m hoping I’ll be able to force myself to read these in 2019 though because I do think it’s imperative that I read at least one book from Morrison, who is one of the most talented writers alive today.

5. Sabrina Sol

I’ve heard great things about Sabrina Sol for a while now and I had her on my list of authors to read specifically during Latinx Bingo, but I wound up not getting around to reading Delicious Temptation. I really want to rectify that this year though so I’m determined to read Sabrina Sol this year! Basically, please hold me to this entire list. Thank you.

6. Virginia Woolf

Like Morrison, I purchased two Woolf titles with the intention of reading more classics by women. I’m now the proud owner of Mrs. Dalloway and To the Lighthouse, and I’m determined to at least give them a shot. I read enough books in a year that reading a handful of books that are going to be more challenging for me to read should be fine. So we’ll have to see how it goes!

7. Akemi Dawn Bowman

Bowman’s debut, Starfish, was nominated for the Morris Award and I heard such good things about it that I bought it when it was on sale for $1.99. I’ve heard similarly good things about her follow up, Summer Bird Blue so I’m really looking forward to trying out her writing. I’m a little concerned it’ll be too flowery for me, as that seems to be a thing I can struggle to engage with, but here’s hoping it all works out. It seems like both books deal with fairly heavy topics and the power of art to help you through difficult times.

8. Pierce Brown

I really want to try out Red Rising and also, I figured at least one man should be included in this list. Red Rising has been on my tbr for what feels like forever so it’s probably well past time to finally tackle it. I know Dani likes it, along with like half the world, it seems. So fingers crossed I will like it too.

9. Kate Clayborn

Clayborn is a fairly recent addition to the list of authors I know I have to try in 2019 (or just in general). Sarah MacLean has been raving about her Chance of a Lifetime series for quite some time and I recently started following Kate on Twitter so now I’ve decided it’s imperative I give her books a try. The first book is called Beginner’s Luck and I’m so excited to read it.

10. Fonda Lee

Fantasy sometimes seems like an echo chamber of men’s names being tossed out again and again so trying Fonda Lee feels like a moral imperative for that reason alone. But also, I’m so intrigued by the concept of Jade City, which Emily at PossiblyLiterate raved about, in April. Her comments on it were what prompted me to pick it up when it was on sale. The premise sounds like it’s going to be full of magic, family drama, and a fight to stay on top of the social structure, which are all things I love reading about. So I’m really excited for this one!

What authors are you determined to get to soon? Let me know in the comments below.


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