January TBR

I had to wait until my 2019 Goals posted so that you could appreciate that 2019 is the year I actually stick to my TBRs. They are going to be as flexible as I can make them, but they also have to be strict at the same time. So, let’s get into it!

Starting with my January 2018 Purchases, of which there are eight:

1. Rogue Acts by Molly O’Keefe, Ainsley Booth, Andie J. Carpenter, Olivia Dade, Ruby Lang, Stacy Agdern, and Jane Lee Blair

This is an anthology that features politics in some way and is basically designed to give us continued hope about resisting or something. I’m not sure why this one in particular is the one I picked up last year, but I’m two stories in when I’m writing this and I’ve enjoyed them both so far. Ainsley Booth’s book features a sapphic relationship, which helps with my goal of reading more Queer work!

2. The Refugeesby Viet Thanh Nguyen

I bought this one on Audible and it’s a collection of short stories about Vietnamese immigrants. I’m going to leave the Goodreads synopsis here because I think it’s helpful: From a young Vietnamese refugee who suffers profound culture shock when he comes to live with two gay men in San Francisco, to a woman whose husband is suffering from dementia and starts to confuse her for a former lover, to a girl living in Ho Chi Minh City whose older half-sister comes back from America having seemingly accomplished everything she never will, the stories are a captivating testament to the dreams and hardships of immigration.

3. The Serpent King by Jeff Zetner

I know I bought this book because Julie from Pages and Pens loves it so much and also, hard hitting contemporary YAs are the types of YA books I’m still very much into. This book is set in Appalachia, which as a person who has mostly only lived in Appalachia (with the exception of a few years outside of Columbus, OH and law school at UNC), I love to see. As a person from here, the wave of mixed feelings when people talk about home (for me West Virginia) is immense. Appalachia is not homogeneous, but there are definitely a multitude of shared characteristics across the mountain range. So I’m really looking forward to this even though I don’t actually know much about the plot.

4. The Round House by Louise Erdrich

So, technically, I DNF’d this book and I’m extremely not keen to pick it back up. Erdrich’s writing style just does not seem to work for me. However, I think this book in particular and Erdrich in general have things to teach me so I’m going to give it another shot. I’m just not anticipating it ending well. I’m a domestic violence attorney so reading about rape and rape culture and the injustices of how if an incident takes place of Tribal Land there are STILL jurisdictional questions (even after VAWA was supposed to put an end to that) is really hard for me. So we’ll see how this goes on my second try.

5. Heart on Fire by Amanda Bouchet

I did not DNF this book exactly, but I did decide that to read it, I really need to go back and re-read the first two books in the series because even though I remember the big things that happen, I have lost all sense of connection to these characters, which sucks because I adored the first book in the series! So anyway, reading this series conclusion needs to happen. But also so does re-reading the first two books and I’m really not sure I have time for that… Oh well!

6. The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lorde

So I don’t deal with death well and this book is overtly dealing with grief and sickness of a parent, which is why even though I’m desperate to dive in, I keep holding myself back. Hopefully by the time you’re reading this, I’ve read the book though as it is sitting on my bed. Anyway, this is another hard hitting YA contemporary that I think Kayla at BooksandLala really loved. Of course, I would have bought it anyway because of how much I love the Emery Lorde books I have read and I’m determined to finish her backlist ASAP. So, I should probably start with this one, huh?

7. Siege and Stormby Leigh Bardugo

King of Scars comes out this month and I still haven’t actually finished this first trilogy. The other problem is that my copy of this book is with my friend in D.C., but fortunately the library has an ebook copy that is hanging out in my Libby app. Now for someone to force me to actually read it… I don’t know why I’m dragging my feet. I was so excited for this one when I finished the first book in the series. Ah well.

8. The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemison

You’ve seen this on a TBR or two before because I’m terrible and have put off this series conclusion for an entire YEAR. I can’t really say why as there hasn’t been a real reason aside from the fact that I’ve struggled to pick up non-romance books for most of 2018. Anyway, January 2019 is the month I finally finish off this series!

So those are all of the books I have to read as part of my TBR reduction goal of reading the books that are exactly (ish) a year old. In addition, my one non-fiction of the month is going to be The Radium Girls by Kate Moore, which will also count toward one of my five pre-2018 TBR books.

I rolled the dice for my first Romanceopoly challenge and the category I landed on was YA, so I plan to use either The Serpent King or The Names They Gave Us to fill that particular challenge. Although, I also have several pre-2018 books to choose from for it as well.

I’ve pre-ordered books to fill two of my five purchase slots, which are Once Ghosted, Twice Shy by Alyssa Cole and Overnight Sensation by Sarina Bowen. I have several other January releases I’m excited about, but not sold on purchasing right away, so I’m leaving these other three slots open for now.

I’m looking forward to checking in with you at the end of the month! What’s on your TBR?


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