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  • Tome Topple Wrap Up: Week Two

    Tome Topple Wrap Up: Week Two

    Oh my goodness. I had such high hopes for managing to accomplish finishing The Diviners and The Conjuring of Light, but alas. I don’t want to spoil anything so let’s jump in. I left you on Thursday, which involved no reading, too much food and shopping, and not nearly enough sleep. I had finished Crazy…

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  • ContemporaryAThon Wrap Up

    ContemporaryAThon Wrap Up

    If you read my mid-month wrap up, you know I got a job that started the same day ContemporaryAThon started, which meant things were a bit more of a struggle than I was expecting. This job is different than my last one, in that it’s not nearly as flexible and my commute is significantly further.…

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  • ContemporaryAThon and Tome Topple TBRs

    ContemporaryAThon and Tome Topple TBRs

    Did I manage to successfully complete three readathons last month? No. Did I learn my lesson that I should probably do one at a time? Also, no. Plus, I think these are much more my speed so I should be good to go on this end. ContemporaryAThon is hosted by Julie at PagesandPens and Chelsea…

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  • 7 in 7 Readathon Wrap Up

    7 in 7 Readathon Wrap Up

    I succeeded, y’all! Not so much at reading everything on my TBR because the longer I reflected on what happened in Charlottesville, the more convinced I became that I needed to be reading people of color for this readathon, especially women of color. I mostly succeeded, with the exception of sneaking in a graphic novel…

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  • 7 in 7 Readathon TBR

    7 in 7 Readathon TBR

    The 7 in 7 Readathon was created by saidthestory on YouTube and the goal of the Readathon is to read seven things in seven days. There aren’t specific challenges you have to meet and graphic novels count, so it’s an excellent readathon for me to participate in right now! I’m not good at sticking to…

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