ContemporaryAThon Wrap Up

If you read my mid-month wrap up, you know I got a job that started the same day ContemporaryAThon started, which meant things were a bit more of a struggle than I was expecting. This job is different than my last one, in that it’s not nearly as flexible and my commute is significantly further. So, unfortunately, I did not managed to read everything on my TBR, but fortunately, I added two of these books to my favorites!

I finished four books and three challenges. Again, figuring out reading and working was just very difficult this week and I’m working on The Fifth Season on audiobook when I’m not listening to Reputation, so… Yeah. Not as successful as I would have liked, but I love what I read.

Day One: Monday

I managed to hold off on reading Done Dirt Cheap until the readathon started and I’m still proud of myself for that. I’m sitting in my sister’s car while she’s in rehearsal and it’s super creepy dark outside and my phone is going to die… Anyway, I’m reading Done Dirt Cheap. This is my pick for the Dark/Taboo Contemporary because it deals with some type of sexual assault or harassment, I think? Not sure how explicit that’s going to be at this point.

Okay, time for bed. I didn’t note how many pages I got finished while waiting for my sister, I think I was just shy of 100 pages? And then I watched her performance, which was really fun. I’m glad she’s found something that makes her happy and gives her a good outlet for creativity. But about the book: I’m 200 pages in and it’s almost midnight and my wake up time is too early for me to still be reading. I am loving this book so far. It’s so cool to read a book set in Appalachia. It’s in Virginia, not West Virginia, but Tourmaline’s mom is in Hazelton prison, which is in WV. It’s weird to be excited that a prison in WV is a setting in this book, isn’t it? Oh well, I am. This never happens.

Also, this quote:

“She was not a child, and her body was still what held the most value. This was just a new way to use her body. A new way to use her ability to think fast and toss her hair. And what she’d always thought was hers and hers alone, he’d always used for his benefit.”

Yeah, I’m dying. This book is amazing. If you’ve read it, please talk to me about it.

Day Two: Tuesday

Work makes reading a struggle, fun fact. Anyway, I’m going to finish this book tonight! And maybe start another one? Okay, probably not if we’re being realistic, but we’ll see. To read!

I just finished Done Dirt Cheap, and y’all, this book is for real the most amazing book. The book opens with Tourmaline Harris trying to smuggle socks in to see her mom at Hazelton. She gets caught and when she walks out into the parking lot, Virginia Campbell’s waiting for her, but trying not to seem like she’s waiting for her. The two girls are basically oil and vinegar at first, but they slowly start to become friends as Virginia is instructed to infiltrate the Wardens (the motorcycle club Tourmaline’s dad is the President of) and Tourmaline needs Virginia’s wisdom for how to successfully smuggle things into the prison and how to not get murdered by her mom’s ex-boyfriend. Yeah… The book is intense. I love Sarah Nicole Lemon’s writing style, so I’m officially unbelievably excited for Valley Girls, which comes out next year! Add it to your Goodreads, maybe? Or pre-order it if you can.

Day Three: Wednesday

Y’all, working is hard. Or rather, commuting what is supposed to be 20 minutes when it winds up being an hour long is difficult. So yeah, I’m starting The Upside of Unrequited, which fulfills my Contemporary with LGBTQIA+ Characters challenge. Molly, the MC, is not on the spectrum, I don’t think, but her twin sister is bisexual, and she has two moms. Plus, I think there are more? Not sure. We’ll find out!

So, I just experienced such intense anxiety that I had to call my best friend to talk me down because this book feels like I’m literally reading about myself. Molly is me. Except that I have eight years on Molly so I feel like I should have moved past these insecurities, but I have definitely not. Anyway, so I called Jaclyn and she talked me down, which was very helpful.

But yeah, this book is super realistic. And I don’t understand how people can make the argument that representation doesn’t matter. Of course it does. There’s a reason Ariel was my favorite Disney princess (red hair) and Daphne was my favorite on Scooby Doo (red hair) and that I’m dying over how similar Molly is to me (fat girl and anxiety rep). Anyway, I gotta go to bed. I’m even more exhausted now that I’ve had this emotional reading experience. I’m only 60 pages in, by the way.

Day Four: Thursday

Alright, home from work and from running errands, which took an inordinate amount of time, honestly. But regardless, dinner is made, so it’s time to read.

The Upside of Unrequited was amazing. It is so nice to have a book about a fat girl with anxiety (TAKING MEDICATION) fall in love with someone who doesn’t expect her to lose weight. She doesn’t have to do that for him to love her. She just gets to be who she is because who she is deserves love!!!!!!!

There is so much to say about this book, but honestly, the above paragraph is all I really care about so…

“There’s just something terrifying about admitting you like someone. In a way, it’s actually easier when there’s no chance of anything happening. But there’s this threshold where things suddenly become possible. And then your cards are on the table. And there you are, wanting, right out in the open.”

Day Five: Friday

Well, y’all, I watched The Incredibles. It was amazing, but I did zero reading. I thought about it. I thought about a lot of things, but I just really wanted to go to sleep. So I did. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Day Six: Saturday

I spent my morning getting caught up on the blog because I neglected it quite terribly this week because work. But now I am caught up enough so I am settling down to read Crazy Rich Asians. If you follow me on Goodreads or Twitter, you may have noticed that I started this book a little early, but I only made it 70 pages in, so let’s just all pretend I read those pages yesterday. Okay? Okay.

I did it! I really did it! Also, I loved it. Let’s try to put my thoughts in order…

Basically, Crazy Rich Asians is about Nick and Rachel, who travel to Singapore for Nick’s best friend’s wedding and also time to meet the family! Nick Young is a crazy rich Asian and Rachel is ABC (American Born Chinese) (or is she?). Anyway, the real star of the show is Astrid (in my opinion), who I adore and mostly I need book two because of how much I love her. This is not to say I don’t love Rachel and Nick, but Astrid is my bby. You know?

I haven’t explained this well at all, but the point is, I highly recommend it. You’ll also get to hear more about this in my Tome Topple Wrap Up because, ya girl, is multi-tasking.

Anyway, now I’m watching Hairspray for the first time and loving it! Except for, you know, racism.

Day Seven: Sunday

Well, the book I read today does not fit into any category and was not on my TBR, but I started and finished Bad Princess by Julianna Keyes, which is a novella that comes out on November 27th. I was fortunate enough to be approved for an ARC on Netgalley, which was very exciting! It’s about a princess who was never supposed to be Queen, but now her older sister has abdicated her role and run away, and whoops, Brinley and Finn (her sister’s ex-fiance) just got caught in a very compromising situation. The book was super fun, but I really wish it had been longer than a novella.

I started to read Little Broken Things, which is out on Tuesday, but I’m still not in the mood for a thriller, so it’s been a struggle. I’m only a chapter in though and the premise is intriguing and the writing is well done, so if you are in the mood for a thriller, it comes out on Tuesday. I wanted to have a review up and posted for you by then, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen so instead you can have my thoughts at the end of a chapter. Sorry, y’all!

And that’s going to be the end of ContemporaryAThon for me. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you participated, let me know how your week went in the comments!


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