Tier Ranking 2023 Releases I Read from January through April

I’ve read 30 and DNF’d two 2023 releases so far this year so that is what we are ranking today! We are once again doing this post by doing tiers because it’s just so much easier for my brain. I hope y’all don’t mind. Our categories are once again inspired by Taylor Swift songs. So at the bottom, the books I liked the least, we’ve got “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Then we have “Tolerate It”, which is for the books that I found perfectly tolerable. I didn’t really love them, but they weren’t bad. “Mr. Perfectly Fine” are the books that I enjoyed but they didn’t linger in my brain. I read them and they were perfectly fine. A good time, not painful, not “tolerate it” level, but not something that really feels like more exciting. Then we have “Bejeweled”, which is for the books that I really enjoyed and would definitely recommend! But “Dear Reader” is my top category because these are the books that I’m telling you that you must read. These are my, if you only take one recommendation from this post, let it be these books. Now that we’ve established our tiers, let’s get going!

Ranking 2023 Releases || Firewhiskey Reader

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

So, Real Love is definitely a readable book. I finished the whole thing. But I’m still so mad about the ending that I cannot bring myself to place it up higher. The Build Up and Sizzle Reel were unfortunately both DNFs, though I do think you could find yourself appreciating the books if you’re in a different place than me in life.

Tolerate It

It’s not that any of these books were bad. It really isn’t. It’s just… None of them really gripped me so much that I just wanted to devour them, if that makes sense? I did read The Reunion in a day, but it wasn’t because I was obsessed. It’s just that I set myself the goal of doing so and therefore I did.

Mr. Perfectly Fine

I mean… I enjoyed these books. There are actually a few 4.5 and 5 star reads in here. They just aren’t books that really linger in my mind. Well, I do sometimes think about how absolutely wild the premise is of Midnight Duet, but that’s not really what I mean.


Honestly, I really loved all of these books. And some of them hover between this and “Dear Reader” but ultimately feel best for me in this tier. These are all books I would absolutely recommend, but don’t quite reach my top tier, I would die for these books basically. They are all fantastic though.

Dear Reader

Each of these brilliant books has staying power for me. I love them so much. Also, I think each of these books has maybe made me cry. What I’m saying is, these books pack an emotional punch and deal with characters that feel real. The conflicts in these books make sense. They don’t come out of nowhere. All of these characters need therapy and therefore they are relatable. Or something. But seriously, it’s like these books are mirrors for the deepest insecurities of not belonging, of being too much or not enough or sometimes both of those things together. And for me, in 2023 at 31, that feeling is exactly what I want to read about apparently.

Closing Thoughts

Please tell me what books you think I should read given my rankings! And also, what would you put in your own Dear Reader category? What do you think about my ranking? Let me know!


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