Checking In on My Most Anticipated Lists

I really wish I was coming to you to report that since I wrote my Check In at the middle of the year I have managed to reach the five books that I hadn’t yet. Instead, I can report that I read one additional book. But anyway, let’s check in with everything!

Checking In On My Most Anticipated Reads

Most Anticipated Books of Winter

I still need to read Miss Me with That by Rachel Lindsay, The Mistletoe Motive by Chloe Liese, and When You Get the Chance by Emma Lord. I meant to get myself a physical copy of The Mistletoe Motive this year to make it easier for me to read, but, well, I forgot. However, there’s still a few more days in the year for me to try and get to it.

Most Anticipated Books of Spring

I have not read either of the books I had left on my Spring list at the mid-year point and I’m not sure when I’m actually going to get around to them…

Most Anticipated Books of Summer

The fact that there were so many more than 13 books on my overall Summer highly anticipated list is honestly alarming. But that aside, there is one book on this list that I have lost all interest in reading and that is Husband Material. I have tried and set aside Love on the Brain, but I will eventually read that one, probably. But the rest are all books I’m still very interested in, I just can’t seem to make my brain pick them up. I do have A Proposal They Can’t Refuse downloaded from Hoopla at the moment though. I’m planning to use it for the Matchmaking square for #SnowInLoveBingo.

Most Anticipated Books of Fall

I am still so desperate to read all of these, but I’ve been in that brain space where I just want the perfect moment to read most of these books and WHAT IS A PERFECT MOMENT? I don’t know but my anxiety is adamant that it exists and if I read these books when it isn’t a perfect moment, I won’t love them. Sometimes my anxiety is very melodramatic and I just have to cope. It’s annoying. Anyway, fingers crossed I get them all read sooner than later!

What books are you still excited about that you didn’t get to so far?


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