#FallInLoveBingo Wrap Up

How have the last three months flown by like this? I’m sorry for the lack of content recently too, but wow, it’s been a hectic last couple of months and that promises to hold true for December as well. So we’ll see how things go. Anyways!!! Let’s recap the books I read for #FallInLoveBingo real quick.

September 1, 2022 - November 30, 2022 
Lights, Camera, Action! (The Decoy Girlfriend), Memorable Kiss (A Curse of Queens), Mine (Before Girl), Whimsical (In the Weeds), Black Love (Cinderella's Last Stand) 
Row Two: Queer YA (Home Field Advantage), Witches (Witchful Thinking), Break in Case of Emergency (Missing in Action), Animal Companion (The Holiday Trap), Waltz (A Duke by Default) 
Row Three: Reread (Rock Hard), Audiobook or Graphic Novel (Aphrodite and the Duke), HEA (A Merry Little Meet Cute), Recommended to You (Zodiac Academy: The Awakening), Impulse Buy/Borrow (Stay with Me)
Row Four: Messy (The Worst Guy), Gothic (A Turn of the Tide), Novella (The Close Up), Autumn Leaves Falling Down (The Rivals of Casper Road), and Second Chance (The Spirit of Second Chances) 
Row 5: Tattoos (Hate to Want You), Back to School (The Hook Up), Category (An Offer from Mr. Wrong), Published Pre-2010 (Angels' Blood), and Monsters (Stolen Heir) 
Created by: @ardentlyaarya & @graciouslyjen
Artwork by: @sarbethart on Instagram

Row One

Lights, Camera, Action!: The Decoy Girlfriend by Lillie Vale

The Decoy Girlfriend was the perfect book for this prompt because it was almost inception like with the fake dating situation and pretending to be someone else. There’s a lot of “lights, camera, action!” vibes in this one. Here is a link to my ARC Review, because today all I’m thinking about this book is that it was just fine. I would like it better as a movie, I think.

Memorable Kiss: A Curse of Queens by Amanda Bouchet

The premise of the romance within A Curse of Queens is that Jocosta and Flynn shared a kiss on her… 17th birthday or something and then he was like, “omg, I can’t be with you for all of these really dumb reasons!” So they’ve spent like the last decade in love with one another, while trying not to be because their first kiss was magical. Here is a link to my ARC Review, but essentially, I was pleased to read this book, but I do think there’s still so much world-building happening in these books and my brain is really not equipped for that these days.

Mine: Before Girl by Kate Canterbary

I think we all know at this point that I love Kate Canterbary’s writing and this book was not an exception to that. This book follows Stella and Cal and on the one hand, it’s very insta love and on the other hand, these two characters are so great that I kind of ignored that part. I really, really enjoyed this one. Like so much.

Whimsical: In the Weeds by B. K. Borison

I still don’t know how to articulate my love of B. K. Borison. I mean, ultimately, In the Weeds doesn’t exceed Lovelight Farms for me, but for context, I’m literally currently wearing my sweatshirt from the author that says “Did you find your happy?” and I am beyond thrilled by it. I also sent my family the link to her website and said, I need all three of these books signed for Christmas, please and thank you. So… yeah. I love this series. I love these books. Y’all just don’t even know. Unless you’ve read it, that is. Oh yeah, I should tell you what this one is about. So basically, there was a one night stand situation and then a few months later, Evelyn and Beckett come face to face with one another again at Lovelight, which is awkward. And then this book kicks off when Evelyn takes a look around her and is like, “I have not been happy since I was at Lovelight.” So she goes back to Inglewild to find her happy and it is everything. So, yeah, you should strongly consider picking this one up.

Black Love: Cinderella’s Last Stand by Michelle Lindo-Rice

This is a Harlequin title so I’m just going to refer you to my ARC Review here.

Row Two

Queer YA: Home Field Advantage by Dahlia Adler

I really enjoyed Home Field Advantage! This was the cutest sapphic contemporary YA with sports players (cheerleading and football) and it just really worked for me on all levels. Essentially, Jack is the new QB and everyone assumes she’s a guy and they don’t really react well when they find out that she is, in fact, not a dude. Meanwhile, our other main character whose name I’m blanking on is so determined to be the next cheer captain only for her attraction to Jack to put that in jeopardy. I would definitely recommend!

Witches: Witchful Thinking by Celestine Martin

A debut published by Forever, Witchful Thinking was good, but didn’t come together for me in a way that fully held my attention. I found myself impatient for it to get to the point more than once. Here’s a link to my ARC Review for more thoughts. As for what it’s about, essentially, this is a small town situation where our main character casts a spell and then finds herself saying yes to a whole lot of things.

Break In Case of Emergency: Missing in Action by Kate Canterbary

Missing in Action reunites us with the Halsteds as we watch Wes Halsted recover from a career ending injury and fall in love with Tom. I loved this one for so many reasons and kept squealing repeatedly. Honestly, I think you should read the Walsh sibling books before this one, but you do you.

Animal Companion: The Holiday Trap by Roan Parrish

The Holiday Trap is inspired by one of my favorite Christmas movies, The Holiday, although actually one of the main characters is Jewish. Essentially, these two characters need a break from their lives so they switch places and both wind up falling in love while spending a month in the opposite person’s home. And there are lots of animals and plants. Lots of them. Here is a link to my ARC Review if you’d like more information.

Waltz: A Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole

This is a Harper Collins imprint title (Avon), but you can find my most recent thoughts about it in this post.

Row Three

ReRead: Rock Hard by Nalini Singh

While Rock Hard will always be a nostalgic favorite and I will always love Gabriel and Charlotte, what I learned in my last Contemporary Romance Project was that I can no longer reread this book because the domestic violence content is too much for me to handle even knowing how this book goes better than most any book. That said, if domestic violence isn’t a trigger for you, I love this boss/assistant romance so much. Highly recommend for character reasons too. Charlotte’s journey is incredible.

Audiobook: Aphrodite and the Duke by J. J. McAvoy

My favorite part of this book was the world that it set up. I like the characters and the relationships, but there was something a little strange about the pacing of the book. That said, I still mostly enjoyed myself listening to the book! Here’s a link to my ARC Review where I have much more in depth thoughts.

HEA: A Merry Little Meet Cute by Julie Murphy & Sierra Simone

This is a Harper Collins title (Avon) so I will not be including any thoughts on this one here. My ARC Review was posted prior to the strike beginning though, so you can find that if you’re curious.

Recommended to You:
The Awakening by Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti

My sister, Sarah, fell in love with this series so she kept demanding that I hurry up and read it. The good news is that I read book one and enjoyed it, the bad news is that I still haven’t continued on.

Impulse Buy/Borrow: Stay with Me by Alexandria House

These Audible sales the last year have really gotten me repeatedly, where I will just snap up a book if it’s by an author I recognize and want to read or one where I’ve read something from before and Stay with Me was one of those books. I really like House’s writing and her character work. She does a great job bringing people to life and her community building is really solid. The romance in this book wasn’t my absolute favorite, but I’m so excited to continue the Strickland Sisters series! This one is about neighbors who have the whole “we can do this once” or maybe just “casual” or maybe “we’re in love forever.” It was a good, sexy time.

Row Four

Messy: The Worst Guy by Kate Canterbary

First of all, if there’s a character Canterbary excels at writing, it’s a messy complicated one. Secondly, The Worst Guy is so incredible, I really can’t explain. It’s weird because it’s not one of her books that when I finished I knew immediately that it would be one I would think about all the time, but y’all, I really do think of Sebestian Stremmel and Sara Shapiro all the time. I adored the eating disorder recovery representation in this book because it’s really subtle in a lot of ways. I love the way Shap talks about being a people pleaser. I think I need to re-read this one again. Maybe again and again. Just a really great book, honestly.

Gothic: A Turn of the Tide by Kelley Armstrong

I am really enjoying this series of time slip romances and this one was really fun, in that both time settings were in the past. And I really appreciated how it was done. I think this one felt like more of a mystery/adventure than a romance if you’re looking at it like a balancing test, but either way, I loved it. Here’s a link to my ARC Review if you want more information.

Novella: The Close Up by Kennedy Ryan

Kennedy Ryan was magical as always in this quick novella tying her Hoops series and Hollywood Renaissance series together. I was a huge fan of that aspect, but more than that, I was utterly delighted by this soulmate like connection Kennedy managed to convince me of in such a short span of time. Would I have liked more? Always. But I really would recommend!

Autumn Leaves Falling Down: The Rivals of Casper Road by Roan Parrish

This book is from a Harper Collins imprint so I’m not going to mention my thoughts here. However, my review is posted from before the strike began, so you may refer to that if you so choose.

Second Chance: The Spirit of Second Chances by Synithia Williams

This book is from a Harper Collins imprint so I’m not going to mention my thoughts here. However, my review is posted from before the strike began, so you may refer to that if you so choose.

Row Five

Tattoos: Hate to Want You by Alisha Rai

This is from a Harper Collins imprint so I will not be talking about it here. The most recent time I talked about it though is in my Contemporary Romance Favorites post.

Back to School: The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan

Serious question, is there a better New Adult sports romance? I am unconvinced, though I did ask for recommendations after I re-read this book and have been working my way through some of your recs. If you have more, please drop them down below. But truly, this book, it is brilliantly done. The character work is impeccable. I highly recommend.

Category: An Offer from Mr. Wrong by Niobia Bryant

This book is from a Harper Collins imprint so I’m not going to mention my thoughts here. However, my review is posted from before the strike began, so you may refer to that if you so choose.

Published Pre-2010: Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh

I really love the Guild Hunters series and sometimes, you just need a solid re-read. Okay, listen, I am ridiculous because so many of my reads on this bingo board are re-reads. But whatever. Anyway, if you haven’t met Raphael and Elena, I would really recommend it, but also… maybe not?

Monsters: Stolen Heir by Sophie Lark

Was it cheating when I said, let me read a mafia hero and call it a monster romance? Maybe, but at least this man acknowledges he’s a monster, even if it is of the human variety. Stolen Heir is a romance between a kidnapper and a kidnappee (is that not a real word? how should I spell it?) and there’s no real way to make that sound okay because it is not. It is however, pretty hot. Not gonna lie.

Final Thoughts

I loved this board and I’m sad to have said bye to it. I wish my reading mojo had stayed high so I could have read 25 other books to do it again a second time, but that just wasn’t in the cards this time. Anyway, farewell to #FallInLoveBingo! Did you participate? If so, what were your favorite books you got out of it? Mine were probably In the Weeds by B. K. Borison, The Worst Guy by Kate Canterbary, and Missing in Action by Kate Canterbary. With an honorable mention to Before Girl by Kate Canterbary. I think it would be safe to declare Kate Canterbary is definitely a favorite author of mine at this point. Now, onto #SnowInLoveBingo!


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