Venus in Capricorn + Romance Recs

The key word that comes up in Café Astrology’s Venus in Capricorn explanation is competent and, honestly, what’s better than competence porn in this day and age? (Let’s set aside that actually I love messy characters who do not have it all together because same! Your messiness is appreciated, messy characters!) Anyway, aside from competence and the willingness to prove it, individuals who have their Venus sign in Capricorn also are likely to know where the relationship is headed, they want commitment. And yet, it sounds like they also may have loner tendencies. So when they commit, they COMMIT, but it may take a bit, I guess. So, let’s talk book recommendations!

Venus in Capricorn + Romance Recs

Sea Haven Series by Christine Feehan

Look, I will admit that all of the Pareneskii brothers cannot possibly have been born with their Venus sign in Capricorn because that would defy logic. But I cannot think of any characters who more perfectly demonstrate intense loner until they found “the one” and then they’re ready for commitment. With the possible exception of Max, but really, it just took him a minute. This series is a wild ride that I think is really just Christine Feehan’s style. There are a lot of things that I don’t think modern readers are likely to appreciate, like the very gendered language, the excessive alpha-ness of the men. And yet… I’m really obsessed with her work and when I fall into one of her books, it takes a lot to bring me back out. So is this series for you? Who can say. But I definitely think if you like competent at protecting people physically and the concept of quick commitment, you may enjoy them!

Ever After Always by Chloe Liese

I think Aiden’s Venus sign is Capricorn because of how important it is for him to be financially stable, how much effort it takes for him to open up, and some comments he makes about showing Freya off. Additionally, he seems to have known pretty soon after meeting Freya that he wanted to marry her, which further reinforces this theory. This is the third book in the Bergman Brothers series, although it follows a Bergman Sister, whose marriage is in trouble. Aiden has really withdrawn from Freya and she doesn’t really know why. It turns out that Aiden is really anxious and just wants to have all of their ducks in a row before they have children so he’s been working too hard and keeping his anxiety to himself. I loved this one and you can read more of my thoughts in my ARC Review here.

Snow-Kissed by Laura Florand

I really am going to do a trope talk on marriage in trouble books soon-ish, but that’s not what this post is. Despite that, Snow-Kissed by Laura Florand is a great choice if you can handle the content of this one, which is really about Kai grieving the loss of multiple miscarriages. She leaves Kurt and is staying in this cabin away from him, but he shows up for a work thing. Some of the things that come up while they’re snowed in together include that Kai thought Kurt would have moved on from her by now, but he makes a comment about how they’re married. The idea of breaking his vows to her has not even crossed his mind despite the pain the separation and the grief of their children. A slightly lighter marriage in trouble book that has a husband with similar ideas is Turning Up the Heat by the same author. That one doesn’t have the content warnings and would be a good alternative if you want a lot of emotions and a husband that is like, “BUT WE’RE MARRIED,” when you’re having problems.

Cherish Hard by Nalini Singh

If we’re being honest, I think Nalini writes a lot of her characters, especially her men, so that you could make a solid argument that they belong in this category. But Sailor from Cherish Hard really screams Venus in Capricorn to me because he first saw Ísa as a teenager and he never really forgot her. He’s an adult when they meet again and Sailor is busy building up his landscaping business, but he’s not going to let the opportunity to court Ísa slip through his fingers. So he doesn’t. And Sailor is a very competent man, he is also generous and loyal and gives great gifts. I love this entire series, if I’m being honest. Anyway, Sailor is my pick for Venus in Capricorn.

Block Shot by Kennedy Ryan

Like Nalini, I think Kennedy writes a lot of characters you could argue have a Venus sign in Capricorn. I think her Hoops series men especially tend to have a lot of these characteristics, but I’m going to focus on Jerad from Block Shot because his pursuit of Banner is… ruthless, tbh. He’s imminently practical and determined in his pursuit. There are pretty much no lines Jared wouldn’t cross to make Banner understand that he wants her and they are meant to be together. Despite arguably having cheating, this book is my favorite in the series and maybe, but not for sure because I love Kennedy’s writing so much, my favorite of her novels.

And there you have it! I honestly kept thinking of more and more, but I limit these posts to five for a reason. (But just for the record, Lisa Kleypas has written a lot of heroes that could fall into Venus in Capricorn too!) Please share with me any characters you think exemplify these traits below.


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