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  • Venus in Capricorn + Romance Recs

    Venus in Capricorn + Romance Recs

    The key word that comes up in CafĂ© Astrology’s Venus in Capricorn explanation is competent and, honestly, what’s better than competence porn in this day and age? (Let’s set aside that actually I love messy characters who do not have it all together because same! Your messiness is appreciated, messy characters!) Anyway, aside from competence…

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  • Book Recommendations for Capricorns

    Happy Capricorn season, everyone! It is finally time to talk with y’all about recommendations based on Capricorn traits. Capricorns are persistent and always willing to work hard to achieve their goals, so they’re definitely the kinds of people we want to read books about. They are usually realistic, sensitive, practical, and disciplined, all of which…

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  • Book Recommendations: Capricorn Edition

    Book Recommendations: Capricorn Edition

    So I wanted to create something that I could do every month this year and hadn’t really settled into anything when I was watching this Get Ready With Me video wherein Kayln Nicholson announced that she’s going to do a GRWM every month based on astrological signs and I decided it was perfect! (As an…

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