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  • Try a Chapter: October ARCs

    Try a Chapter: October ARCs

    As we’ve discussed, I have a problem with requesting ARCs. As in, I love scrolling Netgalley a little too much. In October, I have ten ARCs, but I’m also going to include The Empress in this post because, tbh, I really truly thought that The Empress came out in October, but then it turns out […]

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  • Bang In the Night 2 Bingo TBR

    Bang In the Night 2 Bingo TBR

    I am so happy that B (b.andherbooks) and Jacque (onthesamepa9e) are back with Bang in the Night Bingo! I really love reading challenges so much. This particular reading challenge begins on September 19th (today!) and runs through 10/31! You should definitely follow B and Jacque and join the Discord if you want to be able […]

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  • Try a Chapter: September ARCs

    Try a Chapter: September ARCs

    I have six ARCs for the month of September, which after the abundance of ARCs I had for August feels like such a relief. Will I get all of these read during September? That is still a question, but I’m certainly going to try, along with getting through the rest of the August ARCs I […]

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  • June TBR: WhateverAThon, Reading the Rainbow, and some other reading challenges…

    June TBR: WhateverAThon, Reading the Rainbow, and some other reading challenges…

    Am I doing too much with my reading this month? Undoubtedly. But I thought I would share these very cool reading challenges with you in case you haven’t seen them and might want to participate. And then we’re going to talk about the handful of books I have that will cover prompts across the challenges. […]

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  • February Wrap Up & March TBR

    February Wrap Up & March TBR

    I know February is a short month, but somehow I feel like it truly flew by. I finally managed to finish The Wheel of Time series so here’s hoping my attention span will allow me to return to reading romance and a variety of authors because I have missed my HEAs. I think I’m going […]

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  • Historical Fiction TBR: And a Plea for Y’all to Help Me Prioritize

    Historical Fiction TBR: And a Plea for Y’all to Help Me Prioritize

    If I have a lot of fantasy books that I’m trying to figure out to prioritize the same could be said for historical fiction titles. Growing up historical fiction was my favorite genre and I credit that for my passing of the AP U.S. History exam more than I do the actual class, but that’s […]

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  • My Fantasy TBR: A List and a Request for Opinions

    My Fantasy TBR: A List and a Request for Opinions

    I admittedly usually read at least some fantasy, but it’s usually either an author I already know and love (Sarah J. Maas or Rebecca Roanhorse) or it’s an urban fantasy series with a strong romantic plot that in my head I still consider a romance even if I categorize it differently in my statistics. But […]

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  • #SnowInLoveBingo Announcement + TBR

    Hello all! I am so delighted to be bringing you our winter bingo board announcement, most especially because Aarya is back as a collaborator and Sarah was able to illustrate and design the board again! I love collaborating and coming up with the prompts for the board and I love planning for Bingo even though, […]

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  • #BangInTheNightBingo TBR

    #BangInTheNightBingo TBR

    Am I participating in too many readathons right now? Probably. Technically, I haven’t even told y’all about some of the ones I’m doing, but I will say my September reading has been on point because of it. Anyway, we’re here today to talk about #BangInTheNightBingo created by B, Jacque, and Melissa! This Bingo board challenge […]

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  • Read the Swoonies TBR

    Created by Amber, Ari, Lynell, and Nick, The Swoonies is a romance award focused on transparency and nominated and voted on by readers with a wide variety of categories across the genre. So far we’ve got award winners for the 2020 year (which included some late 2019 titles) and Amber put together a readathon called […]

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