Favorite New to Me Authors of 2018

I’m not done trying new authors at this point in the month (see my SmutAThon TBR), but I’m impatient to start shouting my favorites from the rooftops because I’m a dramatic diva who feels the need to do that. So probably, if I remember, I’ll include new to me authors of December 2018 in next year’s post. But for now, allow me to share with you my favorite queens (because sorry not sorry, I really didn’t read any new men) of writing.

1. Talia Hibbert

You know how it’s Silver fucking Mercant (okay, you would only know this if you’ve read Silver Silence by Nalini Singh, but just go with me)? Well, I feel like Talia needs something like that in between her first and last name. Talia, The Goddess, Hibbert or something. We can work on it. Anyway, Talia has worked so hard at writing all the things since she debuted last year (I think). And I’m pretty sure she graduated this year with some degree that one would think would get in the way of her writing, but the reason I’m advocating for goddess to be the word in the middle is because it didn’t. She kept blessing us with quality content to the point that I’m behind and have like three or four to go to be fully caught up. My two favorites (so far) are Bad for the Boss and Wanna Bet? but I’ve pretty much loved all of her books.

2. Nalini Singh

Lol, speaking of Nalini Singh, can you even believe I didn’t know she existed prior to this year? And now I’ve read as many books by her this year as I have entire genres. Nalini is the Queen of My Heart and I adore pretty much everything she’s ever done. Rock Hard, the Psy-Changeling series, Guild Hunters series, and Rebel Hard are my stand outs. That would be right around 30 books that I consider stand outs of the year, for the record. And it’s not like I didn’t love the other five or six not specifically listed that I read this year. But if you haven’t given Nalini a shot… Hi, hello, you should read Nalini immediately.

3. Ilona Andrews

My love of Ilona Andrews Hidden Legacy series knows no bounds. I would do not great things to get my hands on a time machine to go into the future to buy the completed Catalina books. I’m in the middle of the Kate Daniels series as well, which although I’m not liking as much, has convinced me that I need to read absolutely everything by Ilona Andrews. It just might be slow going considering their extensive backlist.

4. Jasmine Guillory

I debated whether or not to include Jasmine in this post because she debuted this year, which means she could belong on my list of favorite debuts with The Wedding Date, but my love of her follow up, The Proposal, and my excitement for The Wedding Party, convinced me I needed to include her. Her writing style is so great and the humor just leaps off the page, to the point that it leaves you convinced that going out for a cheese plate and wine with Jasmine to hang out would be the most fun night. Contenting yourself to your own cheese plate and a glass of wine with one of her books is pretty fabulous though, if I do say so myself. I absolutely can’t wait to read everything she ever writes.

5. Alexis Daria

I absolutely adored Take the Lead and hadn’t really seen people raving about Dance with Me in the same way, but I still can’t figure out why. Alexis Daria creates masterful characters and the chemistry between them pretty much sizzles off the page. I am so looking forward to picking up her novella later today… And am realizing that I didn’t think through my SmutAThon TBR as well as I thought I did. Alas. Anyway, Alexis Daria is great and her books are fabulous. If you haven’t picked up Take the Lead, I would definitely recommend you do that.

6. Joanna Shupe

Wow, I forgot that Joanna Shupe was a new to me author until I started making this post and like, now I own all of her books, I think? I haven’t made it through all of them, but I adore her writing and I can’t wait to pick up some more of them. Someone force me to pick up some of my physical books soon, please. My first book by Joanna Shupe, Magnate, was immediately followed by The Lady Hellion, which I think is one of the best historical romances I’ve read this year. It’s just so fun and intense and great. I adored it. I will definitely be reading Joanna Shupe for years to come.

7. Naima Simone

Naima Simone stole my heart with her WAGs series and blew me out of the water with Scoring Off the Field, a book that I stand by is one of the best friends to lovers romances of all time. I absolutely adore her voice and the worlds she creates with such rich secondary characters. I can’t wait to dive more into her backlist, which is blessedly deep.

8. Kristen Callihan

So technically, my first foray into Kristen’s writing didn’t go so well. I tried to listen to her paranormal series when I was in the middle of my binge of the Psy-Changeling series and um, that didn’t go so well. But when everyone was raving about her sports romance series during #RomBkLove, I picked up The Hook Up and thus began my love affair with Kristen’s contemporary offerings. I’m hoping to return to her paranormal world soon because I just absolutely love her voice, her characters, and pretty much everything about her (in a non-creepy way, just to be clear).

My Honorable Mentions are authors that I’m fairly certain I’m going to love, but authors whom I’ve only read one book from, whether that be their debut or just a random book of theirs, and these authors are Chanel Cleeton (author of Next Year in Havana), Elizabeth Acevedo (author of The Poet X), and Mitali Perkins (author of You Bring the Distant Near). I’m intrigued by each of these authors and am really looking forward to my next foray into their voice.

What new to you authors did you discover that you love this year? Let me know!


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