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  • Smutathon Wrap Up

    I probably should have included a disclaimer on my TBR that I really don’t love the name of this readathon, but, well, I did not. So here we are and there’s my disclaimer. I should also note that I really just read the same variation of heat levels that I normally do this week, but…

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  • SmutAThon Round Two Wrap Up

    SmutAThon Round Two Wrap Up

    Day One I was blessed with a snow day on this fine, not snowy in my town day, which obviously meant I started reading earlier than I would usually be able to. I had Nick choose a number between 1-9 and he picked 1 so I started at the top of this TBR with Hate…

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  • Favorite New to Me Authors of 2018

    Favorite New to Me Authors of 2018

    I’m not done trying new authors at this point in the month (see my SmutAThon TBR), but I’m impatient to start shouting my favorites from the rooftops because I’m a dramatic diva who feels the need to do that. So probably, if I remember, I’ll include new to me authors of December 2018 in next…

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  • Trope Talk: Friends to Lovers, Part Two

    Trope Talk: Friends to Lovers, Part Two

    As I said in Part One, friends to lovers is absolutely one of my favorite tropes and this time around, I’m talking about the friends to lovers novels where one person has been in love with the other one for a while, but for whatever reason thinks they can never be anything. 1) Scoring Off…

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