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  • Most Anticipated: Summer

    Most Anticipated: Summer

    The books coming out in the next three months are some of the ones I am most anticipating in the entire year. I absolutely cannot wait for so many of these so I apologize in advance for the multitude of exclamation points you’re about to see. 1. Wolf Rainby Nalini Singh Y’all. A new Psy-Changeling…

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  • Highly Anticipated: Winter Edition

    Highly Anticipated: Winter Edition

    I really should switch to doing these January to March and so forth, but who wants to do that? Regardless, there’s only one book on here for December, but it’s one I am extremely excited about! So let’s hop to it. Dance All Nightby Alexis Daria Daria’s Dance Off series has produced two five star…

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  • Highly Anticipated: Summer Edition

    Highly Anticipated: Summer Edition

    Hi, hello, it is summer. I don’t care if it’s not technically summer because MDW is over and also, I’m living in an apartment with no air conditioning and it’s obnoxiously sweaty over here. So anyway, let’s hop to the books I’m currently highly anticipating! 1. The Kiss Quotientby Helen Hoang I’m obnoxiously excited for…

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  • Highly Anticipated Books: Winter Edition

    Highly Anticipated Books: Winter Edition

    The normal disclaimer that the seasons I am using does not follow exactly with the actual calendar, which would tell you that December 21, 2017 begins winter this year, applies. Winter is here! Sort of. I mean, North Carolina is just weird, you know? We do our seasons oddly. Anyway, here are the ten books…

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  • Highly Anticipated Books: Fall Edition

    Highly Anticipated Books: Fall Edition

    Does Fall technically start on September 21? Yes. Does that matter for purposes of the way anyone thinks of seasons in the United States? No. Not really. Even Starbucks agrees that Fall is September through November (or through Thanksgiving and then we get RED CUPS, which are my favorites). Anyway, so the point of this…

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