Book Recommendations: Capricorn Edition

So I wanted to create something that I could do every month this year and hadn’t really settled into anything when I was watching this Get Ready With Me video wherein Kayln Nicholson announced that she’s going to do a GRWM every month based on astrological signs and I decided it was perfect! (As an aside, I have fallen in love with Kayln’s channel and if you have any recommendations for similar channels, please let me know because obsessed, for real.) So first up is Capricorn! We’re right on the cusp of it not being Capricorn season anymore so I fit this post in right in time. I used this Elle article about Capricorns to decide what books fit the personality profile so while I’ll be using quotes throughout, just know that there is a ton more available for you at this link!

1. A Gentleman in the Streetby Alisha Rai

Given that the description of Capricorns begins by comparing Caps to the unparalleled Michelle Obama and pointing out that Michelle and her fellow Caps are “the picture of grace,” it may seem weird to choose a book where the heroine is the hostess of a very private, very kinky sex club, but… This book is honestly perfect for Capricorns. “Since you’re a bit like Wonder Woman and Supergirl rolled into one,” feels like the perfect explanation of Akira, a billionaire business woman who runs a sex club on the side. How else would you describe a woman who has rolled with the punches the world and her own family have given her and come out the other side better and stronger? And the Elle analysis explains that Capricorns need a man equally heroic and Jacob Campbell, author and caregiver of his several siblings, is a hero I dare you not to fall in love with too. I love this book and hopefully you will, as well (even if you aren’t a Capricorn!).

2. I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maureen Goo

“To say you’re ambitious is an understatement. When you’ve fixed your sights on a goal, you’ll ascend the steepest mountain trail to reach it.” Hello, yes, paging Desi Lee because she is probably the most ambitious main character in a contemporary I read all of last year. That was part of why I related to her so well because Desi absolutely had a plan for her life, a plan for every aspect of her life, which is how she wound up making the K Drama Steps to True Love and using it to get the guy. If you’re looking for a cute and fun YA contemporary, I honestly can’t recommend this one highly enough! Plus, look how gorgeous this book is, both the dust jacket and the gorgeous hot pink naked hardback. LOVE.

3. When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

It occurs to me that I should probably not say that Desi was the most ambitious heroine that I read last year because Dimple is pretty ambitious as well. So, for similar reasons to Desi, I feel like Dimple is a likely Capricorn. I’m going to focus therefore of why Rishi is a perfect match for a Capricorn. Rishi is incredibly true to himself and maybe you don’t think that’s heroic, but to me, being a teenage and being true to yourself is one of the more difficult things I think people can do. It’s just so much easier to pretend to be someone else or to hide parts of yourself in different settings and I felt like Rishi was a hero who really managed to stay entirely himself and I loved him for that.

4. Devil in Springby Lisa Kleypas

Pandora, my beloved romance heroine. Another ambitious heroine paired with Gabriel St. Vincent meant that my heart literally exploded and has not recovered. Like… Give me all the Evie and St. Vincent cameos. Whoops, I’m supposed to be talking about Capricorns. So yeah, Pandora wants to start her own business so when she accidentally winds up in a compromising situation with Gabriel, she’s none too pleased that people seem to think she should marry this stranger and give up financial control of her life. But of course, Gabriel is an angel and I love him. (Spoiler: He is in fact not an angel.) Anyway, just read this book. Read all of Kleypas. LOVE HER. Okay, okay, I’ll stop.

5. A Night to Surrenderby Tessa Dare

Susanna Finch to me perfectly encapsulates this quote from the Elle article: “While you may hobnob with the elite, there’s an unwavering practicality about you. A rock-steady earth sign, you lend structure and stability to any project. You’ll work tirelessly to ensure that there’s food on your family’s table and that the people you love enjoy the best the world has to offer.”

Susanna is basically the reason Spindle Cove has become what it is–a safe haven for women and girls to “recover” in a seaside town, whether they’re escaping from doctors who keep using leeches or fleeing salacious rumors. Susanna throughout the entire series constantly works to protect her chosen family and her father. There is so much to love about her and watching her fall in love with Victor Bramwell was fantastic. Highly recommend.

I have a list of honorable mentions that I feel like could be Capricorns as well, like Inej from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo or Fredrica Marshall from The Suffragette Scandal by Courtney Milan and definitely recommend you check both of those out depending on your interests. But I’m trying to keep these short at five each so that if you all like this series enough, I could maybe keep it going every year. Definitely let me know what you think of these books and this series!


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