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  • Book Tag: Out of My Comfort Zone

    Book Tag: Out of My Comfort Zone

    Emma from emmmabooks created this tag and it seemed really fun so… Here we are! To begin, Emma says you have to create a rule for yourself that you’re going to eliminate a genre/category that you talk about the most to challenge yourself to reach for books outside of your usual. So, obviously, I have…

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  • Reputation Book Tag

    Reputation Book Tag

    It’s been one month and eleven days since Reputation by Taylor Swift was released and I just found these book tags, so I feel betrayed and now I have three that I’m super excited to do. Fortunately, I’m going to two Taylor concerts this coming summer so I have appropriate points in time that I…

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  • Tis The Season Book Tag

    Tis The Season Book Tag

    I went searching Ali’s (HardbackHoarder) tags playlist to find something Christmas-y and found this one, originally created by RichardMediaGeek, which you can find here. I’m getting extremely excited for Christmas now that I’m settled in to my new apartment and have my Christmas tree up and our decorations out. Christmas is my favorite holiday because…

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  • The TBR Tag

    The TBR Tag

    Well, I’ve ruminated on how awful my TBR is on my own plenty and it’s sparked a myriad of Snapchats where I ruminate on how ridiculous I am and how desperately I need to get some self control. So, when I stumbled across The TBR Tag on leynes’s channel, created by Dana and Rachel, which…

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  • Zodiac Book Tag

    Another day, another tag post because these are fun. In 2016, HardbackHoarder created the Zodiac Tag and I just discovered it so… We’re doing it, obviously. The Astrology Book Tag is also a thing, which I did a few days ago and you can find it linked over on the side! While The Astrology Book…

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  • Astrology Book Tag

    I’m supposed to be telling you about the Scalia book today, but uh… The world has been a rough place so it was either a book tag or me squealing about the Scorpius Syndrome books 3 and 4, which would have been spoiler filled so… Now we’re going to do a book tag! On September…

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  • Autumn Book Tag!

    Autumn Book Tag!

    I love Fall, like so many of us do, and since North Carolina and global warming mean I can’t pull out my sweaters already, I’m just going to inundate you with book tags related to Fall over the next three months. I hope you don’t mind! The Autumn Book tag was created (kind of?) by…

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