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Another day, another tag post because these are fun. In 2016, HardbackHoarder created the Zodiac Tag and I just discovered it so… We’re doing it, obviously. The Astrology Book Tag is also a thing, which I did a few days ago and you can find it linked over on the side! While The Astrology Book Tag was more geared toward books, the Zodiac Book Tag is more geared toward characters so they’re pretty different, but uh… There’s still squealing about some of the books you would expect.

1. Aries: would probably take on a dragon with their bare hands

Lila Bard. Does anyone epitomize this prompt more than Lila? One of the main characters from the Shades of Magic series, Lila Bard is a… She’s just amazing. I mean, she takes risks that would have most people backing away as quickly as possible. Anything she fears, I feel like she conquers just as quickly. She’s a very compelling character and I enjoy reading about her and spending time with her, but yes, Lila is definitely the type of person who would decide she could defeat a dragon single-handedly and… Yep.

2. Taurus: looks innocent but would rip you to shreds

Nina from the Six of Crows duology. One of the difficulties of being pretty is the tendency for people to underestimate you, but no one puts that to better use than Nina. She’s amazing and wonderful and really just the best?? Her friendship with Inej. Her relationship with Mattias. Her actions at the end of Six of Crows? Yeah. Nina is a hero and a lovely person and I adore her, but she would absolutely rip you to shreds to protect the people she loves.

3. Gemini: the sassiest sass master

Harry Potter. Are you confused? You shouldn’t be.

4. Cancer: made you feel all the feels

Livvy Kane from Hate to Want You because… My babe. I couldn’t decide if I should list her as a Cancer or a Leo because she’s so strong, but she’s so real and vulnerable at the same time. Every time she would talk about her time in therapy or do one of the tricks she learned in therapy, I would be ready to burst into tears. When she reflected upon her relationship with her mom, I wanted to cry. When she and Jackson had scenes together, I did cry. But absolutely nothing can compare to her scenes with Nicholas toward the end that had me an absolute disaster of a person because my precious characters just needed to be happy and I was so apprehensive because so much pain. Yeah… Thank God for guaranteed HEAs because… The angst is real in this one, y’all.

5. Leo: badass that is actually a cinnamon roll in disguise

Wes from Him and Us by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy. He is so tough on the outside and has this really… tough shell, but beneath it… He’s just a boy who wants to be loved and, well, Jamie is the perfect person to love him because they are adorable and wonderful. Wes just has a lot of man pain, but once he gets past that, by leaning on Jamie a lot, you really start to see how sweet he is. And when he meets the Canning family? My heart just melted. He’s such a sweetheart.

6. Virgo: independent boss ass bitch

Aelin. Just Aelin. I really wish I could say more than this without spoiling you for the series, but uh… Let’s just leave it at EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED IN Empire of Storms and go from there. Also, this tag could also turn into a Jenica raving about the characters from the Throne of Glass world and accidentally spoiling things, but uh… Yeah. Aelin makes her own decisions, sometimes without bothering to consult ANYONE.

7. Libra: ray of sunshine that makes you feel warm and fuzzy

Beatrix Hathaway from Lisa Kleypas’s The Hathways Series, specifically Love in the Afternoon. I love Beatrix because she’s just so fun and loves animals so she just kind of has an absurd collection of them. It’s so precious. She also really loves her family and her love story? Amazing. Now I want to re-read it. So that’s an issue because I think I borrowed this from the library… I need to buy her entire backlist. Unfortunately, the book also has one of my least favorite Kleypas covers. But I would highly recommend this series! It’s such a fun one and I really do love the characters so much.

8. Scorpio: “Yes, I understand your point, but I’m still right”

I think this is the perfect description for both Jay and Maria from Hold Me somehow. I say somehow because how are they so perfect for each other when they should never compromise? But for real, they are absolutely great and adorable and wonderful. Seriously though, Jay really struggles sometimes to remember to take in other people’s perspectives and even once you get him to that point, he had an annoying tendency to continue believing he is correct. Maria, on the other hand, will believe that she’s right because she is, even while accepting differing points of view. Yeah… Never going to stop fangirling about this book, y’all.

9. Sagittarius: yells “ayyyy!” when a fight breaks out

Jasper from Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom. Like… I don’t think any of my answers for other categories are more fitting than this. Although I could list Inej for badass that is actually a cinnamon roll in disguise because MY BBY, but I’m trying not to let this turn into a tag that’s really just me answering Six of Crows for everything. We’re ignoring that Nina was perfect for looks innocent but could destroy you because… We are.

Anyway, Jasper is… loud and seeks adventure and adrenaline. He doesn’t shy away from the darker parts of the heist or of being a part of the Dregs. Of course, his character development (WHAT UP, Crooked Kingdom?) is perfect and amazing and wonderful, but even still, I could see him yelling this.

10. Capricorn: hides in the shadows but deserves to see the spotlight

Azriel from A Court of Mist and Fury and A Court of Wings and Ruin. This precious man, y’all. He’s just the sweetest and I love him. I do feel like he kind of hides (literally and figuratively) in the background sometimes, but I just want him to have his moment! Like… Please. Anytime now, SJM. Anytime. He’s just such a good, solid fae and I want the absolute best for him. A happy ending. Something worthy of him.

11. Aquarius: the quiet but psycho one

I’m going with Adam Parish from The Raven Cycle (though it should be noted that I disagree strenuously with the use of the word psycho in this context). However, I feel like Adam is really quiet for the most part and then after the events of The Raven Boys, he kind of… starts struggling. For one thing, Adam experiences a lot of anger issues in The Dream Thieves and is losing track of time and is seeing things he’s not exactly sure if they are real or not real. There is an explanation for this and I’m currently reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue so perhaps that’s unfair, but regardless, Adam is who I’m going with right now!

12. Pisces: needs protecting at all costs

My precious bby, Blake. I love him, y’all. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Tina Chen, but Blake? Blake stole my heart from the get go. He’s kind of Gansey like (if you’ve read The Raven Boys) in that he’s so rich, he forgets what normal life is like (which is why Trade Me exists), but he’s struggling so much. He need protection from himself though, which is part of what makes this difficult and I just absolutely adore him. I really cannot explain to you how great this series is (or how ready I am for the rest of the books).

This was harder than I feel like it should have been! But tell me your Pisces characters this time because I feel like so often the characters I would die for (or crown Queen) are in my favorite books and I’m always looking for more of those! And if you want to do this tag, I obviously tag you. Once you’ve done it, let me know because I’m curious and want to see yours!


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