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  • #SpringIntoLove Bingo Wrap Up

    Another season of Bingo is officially wrapped up and I somehow managed to finish it even though I gave myself silly rules like only one book from any given author and it had to be above a three star in order to count. Now, admittedly, I broke the only one book from any given author […]

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  • May Wrap Up

    May Wrap Up

    May was an interesting month. The CDC decided that if you’re fully vaccinated, you don’t need to wear a mask anymore and it has been quite an adjustment to returning to business as usual in the State I live in. Because apparently we’re all fully vaccinated (please insert eye roll here). I am, however, so […]

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  • April Wrap Up

    April Wrap Up

    Y’all… What a month. I can’t remember if I explained that my job responsibilities officially changed on April 1st or not, but let’s just say, this adjustment has meant a whole lot more on my ability to take in new information and therefore I am both struggling to read and struggling to output creative content. […]

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  • March Wrap Up

    March Wrap Up

    I feel like I should acknowledge that March was rough for me and that making content was really difficult. I’m not sure that April will be better, but I’ve already got my copy of People We Meet on Vacation from Book of the Month Club and April 6th has three of my most highly anticipated […]

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  • February Wrap Up

    February Wrap Up

    It’s really hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that it’s already March again, although at least this time I know I’m about to enter a period of intense transition. Things are a bit up in the air with my job at the moment so I’m a tad stressed about things. I’ve […]

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  • #SnowInLoveBingo Wrap Up, Round Two

    #SnowInLoveBingo Wrap Up, Round Two

    And we’re back! I’m so pleased to talk to you about another 25 books! I did a little better about sticking to a TBR… Maybe. I mean, I sort of read 10ish of the books on my #SnowInLoveBingo TBR, although I didn’t use them all for the squares I said I did or even squares […]

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  • January Wrap Up

    January Wrap Up

    January was such a messy month and felt so much like 2020 never ended, but had some pretty glorious and delightful moments too. Specifically, the fact that Kamala Harris is now MADAM Vice President!!! I am honestly still on Cloud 9. Does this solve all of the problems in the U.S.? Absolutely not. But wow, […]

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  • #SnowInLoveBingo Wrap Up, The First Time

    So, as y’all know, I had some really grand plans for my #SnowInLoveBingo TBR. And then December hit and I just really didn’t feel like reading. That is, I didn’t feel like reading until I realized it was because I only wanted to read Nalini Singh, and specifically I wanted to re-read Guild Hunters. So […]

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  • 2020 In Review

    2020 In Review

    It is time to wrap up the year that was 2020 and I’m really pleased by that fact! Last year I said I was pulling these questions from a bunch of sources, but I neglected to actually list where they were coming from, so I know Books and Lala was definitely one of the sources, […]

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  • December Wrap Up

    December Wrap Up

    I threw basically all of the rules out the window this month and just read because it was fun and utterly delightful. I enjoyed my time so incredibly much, I can’t even explain to you. I just read what I wanted and tried (and succeeded) to finish #SnowInLoveBingo for the first time through with all […]

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