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  • February Wrap Up & March TBR

    February Wrap Up & March TBR

    I know February is a short month, but somehow I feel like it truly flew by. I finally managed to finish The Wheel of Time series so here’s hoping my attention span will allow me to return to reading romance and a variety of authors because I have missed my HEAs. I think I’m going […]

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  • January Wrap Up

    January Wrap Up

    Y’all, I’m going to be honest. My mental health has been a bit of a mess the last month or so. I’m not really sure what’s going on, but it’s been a bit of a struggle and I do not appreciate it. So, if I continue to be chaotic in terms of a posting schedule […]

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  • 2021 Wrap Up and 2022 Goals

    2021 Wrap Up and 2022 Goals

    It’s honestly hard to believe that 2022 is here and 2021 has come to a close. It feels so weird to look back on the last year. I started 2021 with covid, finally started therapy, but not until after I booked a last minute trip across the country to go whale watching in Seattle to […]

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  • December Wrap Up

    December Wrap Up

    We could also call this month the “Help, I fell down the Wheel of Time rabbit hole and I can’t get out,” which is a very abrupt departure from my Kate Canterbary rabbit hole. It is also true though. The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime absolutely captured my attention and held it to the […]

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  • #FallInLoveBingo: Take One

    #FallInLoveBingo: Take One

    In absolutely shocking news, I appear to have read 22 titles from my #FallInLoveBingo TBR. Not all of those books I read managed to make a square on the board because I read a few books that would have all fulfilled the same prompts. Oh, and also, in arguably more important news, I finished #FallInLoveBingo! […]

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  • #BangInTheNightBingo Wrap Up

    #BangInTheNightBingo Wrap Up

    Another readathon wrap up! I hope you don’t mind, I’ll try to make sure it’s not too repetitive, but I wanted to share what I read for #BangInTheNightBingo and not all of the books overlapped with #FallInLoveBingo. I also want to mention that this was not a Bingo I was able to get a full […]

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  • October Wrap Up

    Y’all, I read a lot this month, so buckle up for a lot of images coming your way in the rating portion of this post. Other than re-reading Guild Hunters in preparation for Archangel’s Light, which I adored, I had several other really good reads as well. It was a good month for audiobooks, although […]

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  • September Wrap Up

    September Wrap Up

    I’m a little sad my birthday has come to a close… And also how in the world did the month go by so fast? October is going to be a busy month for me too so we’ll see what that means in terms of getting reading done. But this month, I read 24 books and […]

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  • July Wrap Up

    July Wrap Up

    So… I took a sort of impromptu and also long time coming blog hiatus for part of last month. I’ve never been the most consistent, so I didn’t bother to write a post about it and I didn’t officially take one, even to myself. I kept telling myself I was going to get it together […]

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  • June Wrap Up

    June Wrap Up

    I feel like I’ve thought my reading has been off for a while now, but June really pulled a “hold my beer” on that thought. I read a grand total of 11 books and a lot of times reading really felt like pulling teeth. But I really enjoyed a lot of what I read so […]

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