2022 Goal Check In & Setting 2023 Intentions

2022 was a really interesting year, one that I still haven’t quite determined how I feel about it. Professionally, there was a lot that happened. Personally, there wasn’t a ton that happened, though I did get to spend a lot of time with my friends and family. And reading wise, I feel like it was definitely okay, but it wasn’t the best reading year I’ve had. So, all in all, I’m really looking forward to trying to get things back on track a little bit in 2023. But first, let’s go over how my goals went from 2022!

Let's talk about goals!

2022 Goals

Goal One: Read More Genres That I Like But Do Not Tend to Read

I had numbers to go alongside this, but ultimately, the goal was just to actually read outside of romance, specifically focusing on fantasy and historical. I read 22 fantasy books, which seems to be an accomplishment, but only 3 historical fiction novels. Still, I think I did pretty decent on this one.

Goal Two: Read 12 Indigenous Authors

Um. I’m so sorry. I did not achieve this at all. I read two different Rebecca Roanhorse books and one book from Robin Covington. That is simply not enough. I must do a better job next year.

Goal Three: Read at least 12 Nonfiction books.

Well. I read 9. So, I’m struggling with things clearly.

Goal Four: Make sure to read diverse Queer voices.

I didn’t make this one clear enough, tbh. I had this idea that I mostly read m/m and I think that’s because that’s what we see critiques of, but I’m not sure that’s actually true. Regardless, I did read more than twelve sapphic books (wherein I counted bisexual women, though I should have separated out ones that were actually f/f). I only read five books with characters identifying as trans or non-binary, but it’s not the worst? I need to determine how to best quantify this to make sure I’m actually meeting this goal.

Goal Five: Read at least 24 Black Love Romances.

ACHIEVED!!! Hallelujah.

Goal Six: Try to develop some sort of a writing habit.

Well. Nope. Did not do that.

2023 Intentions

Goal One: Read down my TBR.

Literally, at this point, I would be happy if I just end the year with a net negative of like -10, but I’m aiming for a lot closer to -100. At Jenica’s brain, PLEASE.

How I’m aiming to accomplish this:

  • Step One: Participate in Shop Your Shelves Bingo religiously. Aim for Black Out.
  • Step Two: Keep track of what I haul.
  • Step Three: “Balance” my books every month so I can see my progress.
  • Step Four: Every month I manage to reduce my TBR, I get to have the amount of reduction Starbucks drinks on days I would not otherwise get Starbucks. (E.g., if I read my TBR down by five, I get to have Starbucks on five days that I don’t have a Big work thing.)

Goal Two: Read at least 12 nonfiction books.

Goal Three: Read Books By/About Non-Binary/Trans Authors and Continue Consuming Queer Rep.

Numerically, I’ve given myself a goal of twelve books by Trans/NB authors. I’ve also separated out sapphic in my journal so I’m aiming for 12 there as well. I’ve also decided that this year in those boxes, I will only count ff relationships. (Or if I read a poly story, I’ll count any with two females in there.) If there’s another way y’all can think of to track this in a way that is more inclusive, please let me know.

Goal Four: Read at least 50 different authors of color/Indigenous authors.

So, for the last couple of years, I’ve had a goal to read New to Me authors of color, but I feel like that’s resulted in me reading a lot of books by an author and then not continuing into their backlist. This year, I want to read from 50 different BIPOC authors, which means I can go back and look at the years past and find those authors who I read only one book from and try something else from them. Plus, this also means, binging Nalini Singh will not count for all 50 squares, just the one. It may be a real challenge, but it’s one I’m excited about taking on.

Goal Five: Read at least 30 Black Love books.

Black love meaning a book by a Black author and featuring Black characters.

Goal Six: Read more genres.

Again, I’m specifically aiming for 12 fantasy books and 12 historical fiction books, though if I have to pick a focus, this year it would be historical fiction since last year I nearly doubled the amount of fantasy I set as a goal. But I would also just like to explore other genres a little more as well. I want to have a great reading year and I’m hoping that sometimes venturing outside of romance will make me appreciate my romance novels even more. We’ll see how it goes.

Goal Seven: Review every book I read.

I have no intention of writing reviews as long as my ARC reviews for every book I read, but I want to have at least a few sentences, whether that is in my Reading Journal or if it’s on Goodreads. I don’t care. I just want to make an effort this year to do a better job of reviewing all of the books I read.

And there you have it! Do y’all have goals for the year? Do you think reading goals are helpful? Let me know your thoughts below!


2 responses to “2022 Goal Check In & Setting 2023 Intentions”

  1. 2022 wasn’t me best reading year either so I’m hoping to start fresh in 2023. It sounds like you’re like me wanting to keep your books under control. I’m aiming to try and reduce my Kindle unread books down and so it involves a lot less shopping and a lot more reading. That was far easier to do when I wasn’t blogging as I didn’t really know what the new releases were and I wasn’t being tempted by new books from everyone’s reviews, but I have an excellent spreadsheet tracking my purchases, what I’ve read, and any books I unhaul so here’s hoping that all helps keep me accountable and pushes me not to but all the books because I can. I’m also keeping a reading journal! I hope it will help me remember what I’ve read as I am terrible at forgetting things and also I think it would be quite nice to have some brief thoughts for each book to refer back to.

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