October Wrap Up + November TBR

October was quite a month and we’ve entered a time of year where I just stay busy, apparently. So although I’m not thrilled about the part where I’m only really keeping a post a week pace, it does seem like that’s likely to remain where things are for the next little while. I spent October prepping for a huge work thing that ended in a positive way and then went out to Minneapolis to see one of my best friends and had a gluten free cupcake (okay, two) from Nadia Cakes while I was there. I also got a signed copy of Part of Your World, which made me super excited!! Then I went home the following weekend and got to go to the Homecoming WVU game and saw another one of my best friends and her extremely perfect little girl. Plus on Sunday, I got to spend some time with my nephew, aka, my favorite person. And, arguably most importantly, TAYLOR SWIFT DROPPED MIDNIGHTS FINALLY!!!! It was a really great month all around, honestly. But for now, let’s talk about books, shall we? I read less in October than I have in any other month of the year, but that’s alright. I was busy!

Oh, and if you haven’t had a chance to check out my new blog page, please take a minute to do so! My sister has made it look so lovely and I’m really delighted by it!

October Wrap Up

A Look at My October Reads

5 Stars

4.5 Stars

4 Stars

3.5 Stars

3 Stars



  • Total Books Read: 17
  • Format Consumer: Audiobooks (all)
  • Owned: 3
  • Hauled: 11
  • Borrowed: 3
  • LGBTQIA Rep: 2
  • BIPOC Authors: 5 (ish)
  • Most Read Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Favorite Book of the Month: Missing in Action by Kate Canterbary

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November TBR

So November is the month I do my best to catch up on my Nonfiction goal, but I actually am only like one book behind, so I’m doing a great job, tbh. And also, I try and course correct when I’ve done a crap job of reading from Indigenous authors! Then, as is apparent, I have a lot of ARCs that I haven’t picked up and am very behind on. So here is a quick look at like… too many books I need to read.

Final Thoughts

Y’all. I think it is incredibly obvious that my entire personality is now Taylor Swift’s Midnights. I’ve actually just ordered all the stuff I need to put my costume together for the Eras Tour because we are MANIFESTING tickets for this, okay? Best of luck to anyone else trying to get tickets! But anyway, that’s enough for now.


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