December Wrap Up

We could also call this month the “Help, I fell down the Wheel of Time rabbit hole and I can’t get out,” which is a very abrupt departure from my Kate Canterbary rabbit hole. It is also true though. The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime absolutely captured my attention and held it to the point that I picked up the Rosamund Pike narrated The Eye of the World (which is book one in the series) and then I’ve been physically reading these giant tomes and am currently finishing up book four, The Shadow Rising as I type this paragraph. I’m beginning this post a little early and am counting on future me to power through the last 300 and some change pages so that I can go into the new year without being in the middle of this particular book. My Goodreads currently reading shelf is probably screaming at me because I’m in the middle of MANY other books, but I can’t seem to read anything that isn’t Wheel of Time related. I’m even listening to two podcasts about the chapters I’m reading and the show, Wheel Takes with Ali and Gus and The Wheel Weaves with Dani and Brett. Honestly, I barely recognize myself at this point. But anyway, I’m going off on a tangent, let’s talk about the books I read this month and some posts I loved and all that fun stuff, shall we?

December Wrap Up || firewhiskey reader

Books I Read in December: A Visual Representation

Looking at this visual representation of the books I read just makes me giggle. Like, the departure from every other month. I told y’all I was on a kick! I can’t escape it. Oops.

This was a terrible month for most of my statistics though and actually achieving reading goals. Also, only two books on my #SnowInLoveBingo board… Alas.


  • Total Books Read: 7
  • Format Read: 2 ebooks, 2 audiobooks, and 3 physically
  • Source: Borrowed: 2, Hauled: 5
  • Average Rating: 5 stars (I’m genuinely obsessed with The Wheel of Time series, y’all.)

My Posts This Month

A Round Up of Some of My Favorite Posts from Around the Internet

Once again, I was very busy consuming all sorts of Wheel of Time content so I did a terrible job reading things around the internet and am therefore begging y’all to share with me the posts you loved this month. I’ll work on doing better next year. If I can get my brain to cooperate anyway.


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