#Top10of2k21: Favorite New/New to Me Authors

Today is day two of Kim’s #Top10of2k21 challenge and today we’re talking about new (to you) authors. I’ve read from 58 new to me authors this year, which is actually much less than normal, but I’ve definitely found some gems and some authors I’m really excited to read more from in the future. So let’s talk about them shall we?

#Top10of2k21 || Favorite New/New to Me Authors
  1. Kate Canterbary
    • I’ve read so many Kate Canterbary books this year since discovering her thanks to B and Jess and many other Twitter friends. I’m so grateful because The Belle and the Beard is definitely one of my favorite books of the year, but also Kate Canterbary writes the perfect messy characters of my dreams. I’m so thankful she’s now part of my reading life forever.
  2. Rachel Lynn Solomon
    • I’m mostly including Solomon because of my love of The Ex Talk this year, but I also read two of her YA’s and Today Tonight Tomorrow was absolutely fantastic. I loved it so much.
  3. Cate C. Wells
    • Truly, motorcycle club romances are not generally my thing. I’ll dip my toes in occasionally, but wow, Cate C. Wells captured my attention for weeks with her stories. She does a fabulous job creating a sense of place and community. I really loved my time spent with her this year.
  4. Elle Cosiamo
    • To put it mildly, my obsession with Finlay Donovan is Killing It is… a lot. I want nothing more than for this book to be made a movie because I think it’s perfect for the screen. I wanted the sequel desperately and it delivered just as well and I cannot wait for book three now.
  5. Ali Hazelwood
    • The Love Hypothesis being a debut still blows my mind. It was so perfect for me, y’all. I loved it so much.
  6. Katie Golding
    • Maybe it’s Katie and maybe it’s the male narrator of Wreckless, but either way, I think about Wreckless an awful lot. It was amazing.
  7. Lillie Vale
    • I really loved The Shaadi Set Up and am definitely looking forward to more from Vale in the future.
  8. Alexandra Warren
    • Speaking of authors who can create an incredible sense of place and community, Warren’s Building 402 series did exactly that. I really loved her writing and am absolutely looking for more of that in the future.
  9. Emily Sullivan
    • I sort of feel like this is cheating because I still haven’t read the ARC I have of Sullivan’s sophomore novel, but I already know it’s going to be amazing. It’s also out here in just a couple of days so you should definitely plan to pick it up if you haven’t already. 🙂
  10. Ana Huang
    • Okay, Huang is well outside of my normal fare, but I devoured Twisted Love and Twisted Games so I’m absolutely counting her. Honestly, authors who can capture my attention this far into this pandemic deserve a prize.

Who are the authors you’ve discovered this year? Let me know!


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