November Wrap Up

This month has been honestly something else. I sent my laptop off to be repaired and Apple/FedEx returned it to me absolutely shattered and not at all usable, which has made drafting blog posts just a little more challenging. Fortunately, I have my very old laptop that I’ve been able to use, it just is very slow and doesn’t really like to work sometimes. But for my purposes, it’s been working well enough. I have read a good amount, certainly more than I thought I would if I’m being honest, so I’m excited to let you know about those books here. Let’s go ahead and get to it, shall we?

November Wrap Up || firewhiskey reader

A Visual Breakdown of the Books I Read by Rating

5 Stars

4.5 Stars

4 Stars

3.5 Stars

Statistics & Fun Facts

  • Total Books Read: 24
  • Format Books Consumed In: Audio – 11; E-book – 10; Physical – 3
  • Source: Hauled – 9; Borrowed – 10; Owned – 4; ARC – 7 (only read one as the actual ARC though)
  • Favorites: The Vanished Days and The Brightest Star in Paris
  • Did I achieve my TBR I loosely set for myself this month? 0/9

My Posts This Month

Posts from Around the Internet I Enjoyed This Month

  • This tweet from Melonie set off a whole series of amazing tweets and now my TBR has buried me.
  • The Swoon Awards Nominations form is now open!
  • And, um, to be honest, I’ve only otherwise consumed Taylor Swift related media outside of the books I’ve read this month so please drop your favorite posts down below!!

Let me know how your reading/your life is going in the comments!


4 responses to “November Wrap Up”

  1. OMG I can’t believe they destroyed your laptop like that. Are you getting a replacement from them??
    You read so many fantastic books! I’m especially happy to see the 5 stars for The Brightest Star in Paris! I have to try the Christina C. Jones book. It sounds lovely! And ooh you read the Anna Huang books. Those are like crack to me and she writes such good smut! I’m looking forward to the 3rd book in that series.


    • FINALLY they told me I’ll get a replacement, but they no longer make rose gold ones so I have to have silver and I’m a little salty about it. (A lot, tbh.)
      Okay, those Huang books are TRULY addictive. I can’t wait for the third one. I need the drama. Lol. But yes!! I loved The Brightest Star in Paris. And Love Notes is probably one of my favorite CCJ’s.


      • Oh thank goodness! But that sucks about the color! :/
        Omg yes! I am dying to read it! It’s gonna be all the hate-banging.


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