May Wrap Up

May was an interesting month. The CDC decided that if you’re fully vaccinated, you don’t need to wear a mask anymore and it has been quite an adjustment to returning to business as usual in the State I live in. Because apparently we’re all fully vaccinated (please insert eye roll here). I am, however, so I took a chance and hopped on a plane before the mask mandate is off of those and got to see on of my best friends and also WHALES. It was a delight. Did I mostly want to go to Seattle because I read Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon and Hang the Moon by Alexandria Bellefleur back to back? Who’s to say really? And somehow, despite the fact that I probably worked more hours in May than I have in any other month, I managed to read quite a bit so let’s get to the books, shall we?

May Wrap Up || firewhiskey reader

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Number of Books Read: 31
Format: Physical (1), Ebook (13), Audiobook (17)
How Obtained: Owned (11), Hauled (3), ARCs (9), Borrowed (8)
ReReads: 8
Authors of Color: 7
LGBTQIA Representation: 7

My Posts in May

Posts I’ve Loved from Around the Internet

  • As usual, I’ve loved looking at the #RomBkLove tags on Twitter and the blog posts that Ana and her team of volunteers put together. Here is the beginning of the thread where Ana and her team put together archives and all sorts of helpful links.
  • I really enjoyed Dani’s post about how she organizes her unread books even if her numbers made me feel REAL bad about mine. Lol
  • I love following Kara on Instagram because she makes me laugh so much with her reactions to erotic themes in romance novels, so this post on Nick’s blog summing up her response to Priest was excellent. And then she came back and did one for her response to Gifting Me to His Best Friend!
  • This set of reviews from Love In Panels for two books with music, The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes and The Revival of Opal and Nev was great!
  • Check out this One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston art from Nicole Deal! Or this one from Venessa!
  • Also this art of baby Illium being precious from Maria!
  • This Nalini Singh announcement that ruined my entire life in the best way because Archangel’s Light is too far away!!!!!
  • I’m 100% obsessed with the art Liz does for C. Lo. and this picture of The Soulmate Equation leads is everything.
  • I loved the way Nick shared her 4-5 star reads of January – April in this tweet, in part because it gives me a solid TBR for some books that are sure to land well for me.
  • I love Wendy’s Unusual Historicals post. It’s so nice to have someone specifically round up some time periods that aren’t Regency.

I am inevitably leaving out some great posts because honestly, I haven’t been online as much as usual so as always, please feel free to link me to some of your favorite posts from around the internet!

Also, please share with me your favorite read in May!


4 responses to “May Wrap Up”

  1. Ahhh! You read so many great books this month, Jen! I’m jealous of your Hidden Legacy re-read and of course, Heart of Obsidian. I think I might have to re-read that and Caressed by Ice at some point this week. I want to re-read everything but then also read all the new books.

    I’m glad you got to go visit your friend! I’m doing a weekend getaway in 2 weeks and I cannot wait! I miss Seattle and also where are the whale pics??


    • Those rereads were genuinely life sustaining last month!! But I’m with you. It’s always hard to strike the right balance.

      Ooh, perfect!! I hope it’s as restorative for you as it was for me! My whale pics are questionnable at best. Lol. I am not a wildlife photographer. 😂


  2. You read so many great books in May!! I reeeeeally need to go back and read Alexandria Bellefleur’s books. And I’m so glad you enjoyed my post about my unread books! Though please DO NOT feel bad about how many unread books you have!!

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