Most Anticipated Books of Summer

I really love looking forward to new releases and there are some great ones coming up in the next three months, including some of my most anticipated books of the year. I feel like normally summer is not a release time that I have a super extensive list of anticipated books, but that is just not the case this year. I have a list of ten and then a further list of ten honorable mentions and honestly both lists could have been longer. We are truly blessed with romance releases this summer, not to mention other books I’ve been eyeballing for ages. So, without further ado, let’s get to the books!

Most Anticipated Books of Summer

Mailbu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

From the Goodreads synopsis: Malibu Rising is a story about one unforgettable night in the life of a family: the night they each have to choose what they will keep from the people who made them . . . and what they will leave behind.

From Me: My love for Daisy Jones and the Six is eternal and huge. It has not and probably will not ever be displaced as my favorite book of all time. So to say that I’m excited for Malibu Rising feels like it really pales in comparison to the anxiety I have about how badly I want this book. The good news is, I have an ARC! The bad news is, my reading slump is…. immense.

Release Date: June 1, 2021

One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

From the Goodreads Synopsis: For cynical twenty-three-year-old August, moving to New York City is supposed to prove her right: that things like magic and cinematic love stories don’t exist, and the only smart way to go through life is alone.  . . . But then, there’s this gorgeous girl on the train.

From Me: I loved Red, White, and Royal Blue so I’m very much looking forward to McQuiston’s sophomore novel. I have an ARC, which made my day, but still haven’t picked it up because that’s just who I am at the moment.

Release Date: June 1, 2021

Reel by Kennedy Ryan

From Goodreads: Award-Winning Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Kennedy Ryan launches a brand new series with a Hollywood tale of wild ambition, artistic obsession, and unrelenting love.

From Me: Do I really need to say anything besides it’s Kennedy and also LOOK AT THIS COVER? Because between those two things, I’m READY for this one.

Release Date: June 8, 2021

The Hellion’s Waltz by Olivia Waite

From Goodreads: Sophie Roseingrave hates nothing more than a swindler. . . . All Maddie Crewe needs is one big score, one grand heist to properly fund the weavers’ union forever. . . . If Sophie won’t be put off, the only thing to do is to seduce her to the cause.

From Me: A HEIST ROMANCE!!!! Thank you, Olivia, I cannot wait. Although I again have an ARC, I just need my brain to cooperate, okay?

Release Date: June 15, 2021

Last Guard by Nalini Singh

From Goodreads: To save those he loves, Canto needs the help of a woman bound to him by a dark past neither has been able to forget. A woman who is the most powerful Anchor of them all: Payal Rao. Neither is ready for the violent inferno about to ignite in the PsyNet…or the passionate madness that threatens to destroy them both.

From Me: Honestly, Nalini Singh is the saving grace that has kept me sane time and time again throughout the past year. I need Last Guard in a way I cannot describe and I am so excited for it to be mine! Also, everyone who has already read this keeps talking about how amazing it is, so I’m even more excited!

Release Date: July 20, 2021

Devil in Disguise by Lisa Kleypas

From Goodreads: New York Times bestseller Lisa Kleypas returns with an enthralling and steaming romance between a widowed lady and a Scot on the run—who may have connections to one of London’s most noble families.

From Me: I mean, it’s Lisa Kleypas, you know?

Release Date: July 27, 2021

Battle Royal by Lucy Parker

From Goodreads: Beloved author Lucy Parker pens a delicious new romantic comedy that is a battle of whisks and wits.

From Me: First of all, I love everything I’ve read from Lucy Parker and really need to tackle her backlist. Secondly, two bakers going toe to toe and one of them is whimsical and the other is… not?? My catnip, honestly. I’m so ready to start reading this!

Release Date: August 17, 2021

Sometimes I Trip Over How Happy We Could Be by Nichole Perkins

From Goodreads: Combining her sharp wit, stellar pop culture sensibility, and trademark spirited storytelling, Nichole boldly tackles the damage done to women, especially Black women, by society’s failure to confront the myths and misogyny at its heart, and her efforts to stop the various cycles that limit confidence within herself. By using her own life and loves as a unique vantage point, Nichole humorously and powerfully illuminates how to take the best pop culture has to offer and discard the harmful bits, offering a mirror into our own lives.

From Me: I love following Nichole Perkins on twitter, but honestly, what got me so excited for this book was her Juneteenth panel last year with Mikki Kendall and Keah Brown. I’m so looking forward to this one!!

Release Date: August 17, 2021

Bombshell by Sarah MacLean

From Goodreads: New York Times bestselling author Sarah MacLean returns with a blazingly sexy, unapologetically feminist new series, Hell’s Belles, beginning with a bold, bombshell of a heroine, able to dispose of a scoundrel—or seduce one—in a single night.

From Me: When Sarah announced that this book is FINALLY Sesily’s book, I literally screamed (in my office) and ran down the hallway to get to a co-worker only to realize she was off, so I called her so we could scream together. My excitement about Sesily and Caleb finally getting their moment is off the charts. I’m so nervous and so excited to read this one!

Release Date: August 24, 2021

The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang

From Goodreads: A woman struggling with burnout learns to embrace the unexpected—and the man she enlists to help her—in this heartfelt new romance by USA Today bestselling author Helen Hoang.

From Me: I’ve been wanting Quan’s book since The Kiss Quotient so I am delighted it’s already here. Nick’s review means I’m adjusting my expectations that this will be a little more women’s fiction-y than I was originally prepared for, but I’m still so excited for this book!

Release Date: August 31, 2021

Honorable Mentions

What books are you most looking forward to? Do we have any overlap? Let me know!


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