Waiting for a Scot Like You by Eva Leigh: A Review

This review is just a bit late because you can pick up Waiting for a Scot Like You by Eva Leigh now! Released on Tuesday from Avon, Waiting for a Scot Like You concludes this trilogy inspired by 80s movies from Eva Leigh. The series conceit as a whole is basically inspired by The Breakfast Club and the “Don’t you forget about me” reference at the end of the book about did me in. I’m really grateful to Netgalley and Avon for the review copy, so let’s go ahead and dive in!

Cover of Waiting for a Scot Like You by Eva Leigh

Waiting for a Scot Like You has so much going for it. The book is sexy as hell. It starts out with the Duke asking Duncan to escort Beatrice to a literal orgy, so you already know you’re in for a good time. But since Duncan and Beatrice don’t exactly get along in the beginning, I also wasn’t really sure what to expect. Duncan clings to rules and convention to make himself feel safer/like he has a place still after the war and Beatrice doesn’t care much for convention at all. She spent too long living as a married woman to a man who stifled her in every way, though we only really get illusions to what that life was like, rather than specifics. When they finally give in to the attraction between them, it is explosive. I mean, truly, one of the more sex filled traditionally published novels I’ve read in a while. That quasi-public sex scene?? *fans self*

Duncan is a bit of a dominant and Beatrice finds that although outside of the bedroom she would not want him telling her what to do, she finds a lot of joy and freedom in Duncan taking control with their sexual activities. Romantically, though, Beatrice is really insistent that she’s only interested in something casual, and Duncan has some sore spots from his past that she pokes with that attitude. He is deeply romantic and the concept of casual just doesn’t really work for him. So even though you can see the conflict between them coming a mile away, when it finally hits, it’s pretty wrenching. And despite when it happens, I mostly felt like the HEA was believable. Would I have preferred more time? Yes. But, that said, it worked given the lengthy build up to the ultimate bleak moment.

Overall, this book is such a romp. Their trip to the orgy is full of some really wild events and it keeps the book really interesting and kept me more engaged. I mean, there’s a horse giving birth off to the side, a stop at an inn that involves a cooking lesson, throwing a dance party, a carriage accident, only one bed!! It’s just really full of adventures that keep bringing Duncan and Beatrice closer to one another. I will say that I found the beginning quite slow and I think that’s just an author writing style mismatch for me than anything else. Or it’s 2021 and I’m having a hard time anxiety wise. Who is to say? Anyway, YMMV, but all in all, I thought this book was fun and sexy and has an unconventional HEA, which I adore.

Also, two of the members of the Union are having their own love story largely off page, but we do get to see Rowe and Curtis have their own HEA. I wish we could have seen a bit more of them, but I also liked how Leigh wove them into this story. Now if only someone Leigh trusts could actually pick up the thread that she laid down and wrote them their own love story. (I think Leigh has said that she didn’t feel like Rowe and Curtis’ story was hers to tell, which is a decision I certainly respect, but I would love Avon forever if they let someone who wanted to write it for us.)

Anyway, have you read this one? If so, what was your favorite part? If not, do you think you will? Let me know!


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