Venus in Scorpio + Romance Recs

Well, y’all, I’m going to be honest, this particular astrological combination had me struggling to come up with recommendations, but I think I’ve got them! Per this article, those who have a Scorpio in Venus (one day I will figure out the phrasing of this particular phenomenon, but that day is not today, clearly) are often private, secretive, and mistrustful in love. They may be all in and possessive or become really vengeful if their love is scorned. They may just fall outside of the norms of society. So, when thinking about what books would work for those with a Scorpio in Venus, I came up with these five that I hope you’ll like!

Venus in Scorpio + Romance Recs

American Queen by Sierra Simone

I selected American Queen for this particular astrological combination because Greer, Embry, and Ash have, um, a lot of intense passion and a lot of dynamics happening that make their relationship a challenge. There is a bit of possessiveness here and there’s the issue of society finding out because Ash is the president and Americans aren’t exactly known for believing people should be able to do whatever they want in the bedroom as long as everything is consensual and you know, there’s not a problematic age gap situation. This book has immense amounts of problematic content, but I think Sierra Simone always does a really great job of handling dynamics that are set up with huge imbalances of power. This trilogy will not work for everyone, but it definitely worked for me.

Judgment Road by Christine Feehan

I talked about this in my Books I Shouldn’t Like, but Do post. Reaper is incredibly possessive and well, a lot of things that I normally wouldn’t go for, but I ate this book up like it was a Reese cup, so maybe you will too. (Or whatever your preferred candy is.) Essentially, Reaper is really drawn to Anya, the new girl working at the bar, but he knows he’s not much good and there’s some concern that Anya has some secrets. To be fair, Anya does actually have secrets. But yeah, this book was excellent, though you should definitely tread lightly if dominance is an issue for you. Because. Reaper is very dominant. Also, there’s violence.

Shadow and Ice by Gena Showalter

First of all, I remain in love with this cover. Secondly, I think this book works pretty well for this prompt idea. Basically, Shadow and Ice is about a human woman who sort of gets caught up with a god who has been frozen for centuries while there was a pause on this whole outer space being type people fighting a war for earth. Knox is gorgeous but slightly clueless and he’s both really into Vale and also baffled by her in turn. I really liked the first book and the series and need to continue onto the second.

A Gentleman in the Street by Alisha Rai

I don’t know about you, but when I think of characters flouting societal rules, I think of Akira most of the time. She is without question one of my favorite fictional characters and I adore her so much. She also really goes after what she wants without much regard to society’s expectations. This is an erotic romance and it is glorious. If you’ve not tried this one, please allow me to recommend (again).

Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh

Okay, so basically, the reasons I specifically am thinking about Hawke and Sienna here are spoilers, but if you already know my favorite scene in this book, you can probably guess. This is book ten in the Psy-Changeling series and y’all, you need to read this series in order. Do not skip to the best one (partially because you could disagree. So many people seem to like book three the best). Actually I feel like I can’t tell you much about this book without telling you spoilers, just know that Hawke totally seems to fit Venus in Scorpio and I’m in love with it.

What books would do you think fit these vibes? Let me know!


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