Books I Shouldn’t Love, but Do

Maybe this is just a me thing, but sometimes I marvel at the fact that I have books I love with tropes I absolutely despise 99% of the time. My favorite book of all time is not a Jenica book. I don’t know that I can really manage to sort out why I love these books in this post, but I wanted to talk about four books that baffle me because I adore them even though I really don’t feel like they’re my usual cup of tea.

Books I Love Despite Myself

Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Every time I tell someone in real life that I love this book and explain what it’s about, I feel like I can see them trying to figure out how. The drugs, sex, and rock and roll aspect of this book feels like true to life for a 60s rock band (or at least, my idea of them), but there’s not a single part of me that usually enjoys a narrative like that. I don’t like most of the characters in the book and yet, I love them. Also, there’s not really a romance to cheer for throughout this really fantastic book, but there is a romance I was sort of, maybe, sometimes cheering for anyway??? Idk. Regardless, this is my favorite book of all time and I have zero explanations for it.

Block Shot by Kennedy Ryan

Me: Ugh. I hate cheating.

Kennedy Ryan: Okay, but…

Me: Ugh. I hate when characters talk about their weight like this.

Kennedy Ryan: Okay, but, just read me anyway.

So, obviously, I read this because something about Kennendy Ryan’s writing style just really works for me on all levels and somehow, this book that I really don’t think I should like, is my favorite of hers. Something about Jerad and Banner just absolutely captivates me every time. Are there issues with the book? Yes. Do I care about them? Apparently not?? Again, I’m baffled and cannot explain my taste!

Judgment Road by Christine Feehan

Please explain to me why I devoured this book with one of the most controlling heroes I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting? Reaper and Anya have such a messed up dynamic and I was basically eating it up with a spoon, I was so into it. I have no excuse for my extremely strange love for this slightly fantastical motorcycle gang book, but I have every intention of reading more in this series because my ID apparently really likes it?

Fumbled by Alexa Martin

So, Fumbled by Alexa Martin tackles the secret baby trope, which, I hate, and I… loved it? I think this one I can at least point to Martin’s engaging writing style and the fact that I fell in love with Ace (the kid), but mostly it’s still baffling. I mean, this is just not a trope for me! But this book? Definitely for me. It’s my favorite from the series so far.

I feel like for the most part this list is short because I do know what I like, but I also wonder if it’s not short because I’m not taking enough risks with what I’m reading. How often do you read outside of your comfort zone? Do you ever find new favorites?


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  1. lol, I don’t remember the last time I read a book that had me feeling this way, but on the other hand I’m glad that although you had second thoughts you ended up loving them. BTW I LOVED Daisy Jones, the audiobook was probably the BEST I ever listened to.

    ~ Corina |

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