3rd Quarter Goals Check In

Time to check in on my goals since we’re getting down to the wire!

2020 Reading Goals

Read Diversely

Sub-Goal: At least 40% of Books Read from Authors of Color

97 of the books I read from January to September were from authors of color out of 212, which is 45.7%. I’m really glad to know I’m doing well on that statistic. I also want to quickly note that this stat is something I keep track of for multiple reasons, one of which is that it’s really easy to slip into a pattern of only reading books by white authors if you’re not careful and are relying on racist algorithms. Additionally and maybe more selfishly, my reading benefits when I’m reading from diverse perspectives because it creates actual variety!

Sub-goal: Read Diverse Sexual Orientations

I hope I’m still doing a bad job of documenting this because from January to September, I had only read 22. I still haven’t achieved my sub-sub goal of reading ten sapphic books. Honestly, shameful. Anyway, so clearly I need to do better at this.

Sub-goal: Read More from Disabled Voices

Right, so, I know I’m bad at tracking this still, but I did just create my reading log on Notion that lets me add unlimited tags so hopefully I’ll get better. I definitely have room for improvement here though, regardless.


Ultimately, my goal here is 12 in a year so while I haven’t done a great job with the whole one a month a few times, I have read ten. I’m hoping to read two nonfiction advanced copies this month so hopefully I’ll have this finished by the end of the month!

Read More from My Shelves

Um. Let’s just not talk about that.

Complete Series

Well, I technically said complete five series and I did that. What I haven’t done is kept up with that pace since the first quarter and I keep starting more of them. Send help.

And there you have it! How are you doing with your goals? Let me know!


2 responses to “3rd Quarter Goals Check In”

    • I added a chart into my bullet journal this year to track my monthly stats I was interested in reading wise! It should make things a little easier on me when I do my statistics post eventually.
      I have so many in my TBR and I just need to pick them up!


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