Venus in Libra + Romance Recs

Last month I did Venus in Virgo + Romance Recs and I was like, “Wow, this is so fun!” Plus, Amber was like, “So… Libra next??” and, I mean, of course, especially today in honor of her birthday! But for some reason, this list was hard to compile! So it’s on time, but later than I intended, tbh. So, first of all, to recap: the Venus sign impacts how you experience, express, and want love. For an actual explanation, Café Astrology is my favorite

Now, as for Venus in Libra’s and what that means for them, essentially, per Café Astrology, people with Venus in Libra will be more likely to choose the middle road, they want to impress their partner with kindness, evenhandedness, and a willingness to make their relationship work, and they are “gentle lovers who hate to be offended.” Another site declares that they like the lead up to a serious relationship, which is a dead giveaway my Sun sign and my Venus sign do not match at all because *cackles in person who despises dating*. So, let’s jump into the six books I have for you this month.

Venus in Libra + Romance Recs

Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade

First of all, I obviously adore this book immensely, and have talked about it in a couple of places if you want more information on it (ARC Review; a September favorite, a 3rd Quarter Favorite). Secondly, I want to really focus on why I think this book is a good fit for Venus in Libra. Marcus absolutely has “polished manner[s] in love” and it did feel as though April really spent some time trying to figure out if he was sincere in the beginning. Of course, once April actually gets to know Marcus, she knows he’s sincere. Marcus also expressed a willingness to make their relationship work, given that they didn’t live in the same city in California and they’re not in the same industry. I don’t know that Marcus for sure has a Venus in Libra, but I definitely would not be surprised!

The Duke Who Didn’t by Courtney Milan

Similar to Spoiler Alert, I’ve talked about The Duke Who Didn’t in just as many places with only the ARC review being in a different link. In this book I went back and forth, but I think Jeremy and Marcus have a lot of similarities in that the person they’re trying to woo has some difficulty believing that the men mean them. For Jeremy, Chloe really seems to believe that Jeremy means to find a woman who is like her in every way, except for the ways in which she has flaws. Jeremy spends a lot of time persuading her that he does not mean that. Additionally, Jeremy really does spend a lot of time showing Chloe how they can make their relationship work, even while being really worried about whether or not the life he will offer her is one she wants. I adore this one and I hope you will too!

Best of Luck by Kate Clayborn

I haven’t talked about Best of Luck in a while, which is a shame because I love it so much. This is book three in the Chance of a Lifetime series, which follows three friends who won the lottery together. While enough to change their lives in some real ways, they did not win enough to never work again. So, Best of Luck follows Greer who has used the money she has left to go back to school. She finds out she missed taking one arts credit that she needs to graduate and winds up enlisting the help of Kit’s brother, Alex, a professional photographer. Sparks fly. So, for me, Greer is likely our protagonist with a Venus in Libra. She is kind and willing to make all of her relationships work. She is gentle. She has some expectations about how she should be treated that get unpacked and it’s just a really, truly wonderful book that I love so, so much.

Take the Lead by Alexis Daria

I love Take the Lead too, but I also haven’t talked about it much lately because of how many years ago I read it. Take the Lead is set in Los Angeles on and around the set of a reality show very similar to Dancing with the Stars. Gina Morales is a professional Puerto Rican dancer on the show, who is very careful to not let the producers play up her Latinx culture for stereotypes. So this attraction she has for her new parter? It’s not really helpful. The new partner is Stone Nielsen, who is a reality TV star on a show about his family living in Alaska that he despises. This could be a way out for him, or at least, he would like for it to be. I think Stone is our protagonist who exemplifies a Venus in Libra here, in the way that he’s always looking for the middle road and wants his desire to make things work be enough. If you’ve not picked this one up yet, you definitely should!

Three Little Words by Jenny Holiday

This is another book I haven’t talked about much recently because I read it a while ago. It’s about Gia, a fashion model and bridesmaid, who has to catch a ride down to Florida with Bennett, the Best Man, which is not something she really wanted or intended to do. There’s a content warning in this book for some disordered eating patterns, which is explicitly discussed and worked through. I think this one qualifies a little bit for both characters. They both have this background where appearances matter and have to work to convince the other that they are sincere. They are both also kind and slowly but surely become willing to make things work between them, even when they really aren’t sure what that path forward looks like.

A Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole

Now, I do talk about A Duke by Default a pretty good amount, but maybe I haven’t explained the plot recently. It’s about Portia, a woman who goes to Scotland to intern with a sword maker, arrives and attacks him because she thinks he’s hurting someone, and along the way discovers she has ADHD and also, they fall in love. I am obsessed with this book forever and always and need to reread it desperately. Other than expecting to be treated fairly, because Portia has really internalized the way that her family compares her to her neurotypical sister (who also has a novella that’s amazing! Reggie is the female main character in Can’t Escape Love.), which means that she isn’t exactly anticipating being treated fairly. She is, however, really kind and polished. She’s from a very well-off family and knows all the etiquette ins and outs. She does also try to be scrupulously fair to others, even when they lash out. I love Portia the most and if you’ve not already read this one… I would suggest you remedy that promptly!

And there you have it! Six books with characters who I think have a Venus in Libra. Keep a look out for an extra special post about general book recommendations for sun sign Libras coming up very soon! If you live in the United States, do you have a voting plan?


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