Romance Recommendations for Venus in Virgo

So a million years ago, I did a couple of posts about book recommendations for certain signs and then fell off of that entirely. I know it’s a relatively popular concept, which I love, because I think it’s really neat. However, when I decided I wanted to return to this idea, my sister was like, “If you’re only going to do romance novels, why don’t you base it off of the Venus sign?” Cue me going, the… what? But now I am educated (on mine in particular, lol) and am ready to bring this post to you!

So, first of all, what is a Venus sign? The tl;dr and probably half inaccurate is that the Venus sign impacts how you experience, express, and want love. For an actual explanation, Café Astrology is my favorite. Secondly, what does Venus in Virgo mean? Venus in Virgo individuals aren’t really flirty, but they are committed to doing the work to make a relationship work. According to Café Astrology, they “play it safe” in relationships and need to be confident in a love interest’s affections. They like to show their affection and love by quietly doing a whole bunch of little things for their love interest.

Now to pair some romance novels with Venus in Virgo traits!

Venus in Virgo + Romance Recs

Small Change by Roan Parrish

Ginger is a very prickly woman and owner of a tattoo shop near where Chris has just opened up a sandwich shop. Food is not mentioned as part of Venus in Virgo, but is food not the simplest way to show how much you care about a person? Yes, yes it is. And Chris cares so, so much. Oh, y’all. This beautifully written romance novel is an absolute delight.

Wanna Bet? by Talia Hibbert

Jasmine and Rahul. I love them. So, this is a friends to lovers romance that is pretty heavy on the angst. I love this book so much. Okay, so at the beginning of this book, Jasmine’s apartment has something go very wrong with it. So Rahul offers to let her stay at his place. They’ve been friends only for YEARS ever since Jasmine told Rahul he had to pick between sleeping with her once or being her friend. But living together is really challenging their dynamic and it’s absolutely glorious. Throughout all of this, Rahul just kind of does things for Jasmine in pretty subtle ways. Also, if you like pining, or if you need a book to fulfill that square, Wanna Bet? is truly an excellent choice. CW for grief (Rahul’s father passed away prior to the book’s opening, I think).

Teach Me by Olivia Dade

Teach Me follows Rose, who presents herself to the world as a bit of an Ice Queen but in a way where it’s very obvious that she’s genuinely the kindest person because of how wonderful she is to her students, and Martin, who is divorced and such a great dad and teacher, but is also a little fragile fresh off of his divorce. Martin is such a great soft hero. He’s just a gem of a human being, honestly. He does a lot to make sure Rose feels comfortable around him and I love him for it.

Damaged Goods by Talia Hibbert

Look, it is not my fault that Talia writes the kind of heroes who totally have a Virgo Venus. (Is this even how you say that? Idk.) Anyway, Samir is a gem. Laura has returned to the sea side town where she and Samir first met pregnant with another man’s child. That man is an abusive asshole so he’s pretty much irrelevant. Anyway, when Samir and Laura run into one another again, it isn’t long before Samir is really stepping up and helping Laura out and trying to help take care of her. I love him and I think he’s pretty much Talia’s best hero ever. I mean. Besides Zaf. Who may also have a Venus in Virgo…

Rafe by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Sloan is a single mom because her ex-husband is terrible and she’s also a surgeon so with her schedule, she has to have a nanny. One day she comes home and her nanny has just up and left. Enter Rafe. He’s such a great and caring caregiver and the way he just tries to make things easier on Sloan is absolutely incredible. This book is very steamy, but the way Rafe and Sloan address the power deferential is high key excellent. I think Rafe definitely has a Venus in Virgo.

Love Hard by Nalini Singh

Background is of a cloudy sky with lots of purple, text says "Words are nice," she said on a hiccup of breath. "So nice that I'm stupid-crying like a baby, but I've felt you loving me all this time. You love hard, Jake. Impossible to be yours and not know." 
Love Hard by Nalini Singh
“Words are nice,” she said on a hiccup of breath. “So nice that I’m stupid-crying like a baby, but I’ve felt you loving me all this time. You love hard, Jake. Impossible to be yours and not know.” – Love Hard by Nalini Singh

This quote was honestly just too great to pass up. Plus, Aarya keeps making the most gorgeous quote graphics and so I wanted to try. (Mine do not compare to hers AT ALL. Anyway, Love Hard is about Juliet and Jake. Jake is a single father because his high school sweetheart, Callie, died soon after giving birth to their perfect daughter (she is so precious and precocious). Juliet was Callie’s best friend and while Jake became a famous rugby player, Juliet is also very high profile, most recently because of her divorce from another popular rugby player. Jake, despite not having seen Juliet in years, spends the whole book demonstrating how to love hard and to care for and provide for a partner without trying to take over who they are as an independent person. This book is just really, really fantastic and I loved it so much. (Tbh, Gabriel from Rock Hard might also qualify… so really you should just read the whole series.)

Alright, there you have it! Six books to read with heroes who totally have a Venus in Virgo. What do you think about my interpretation? Any other books you would suggest?


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