Because Gia from Book Roast is absolutely incredible, the Magical Readathon happens twice a year and the second time around, it’s to do your NEWTS. You can only test in the subjects you got an OWL in if you’re properly following the rules, which I am. This year, there’s also a thing for what profession you’re going for and I am going for Auror so I have to get an Outstanding in Defense Against the Dark Arts, an E in Charms and Potions, and an acceptable in Herbology and Transfiguration. I’ve gone ahead and sorted out how to get Os in all of my subjects, plus the only other subject I got an OWL in, Muggle Studies.

Defense Against the Dark Arts:

Book that’s Black Under the Dust Jacket: King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo might wind up being my pick for this.

First Book You Remembered: Kill the Queen by Jennifer Estep, which Dani from Dani’s Bookshelf has been insisting I give a try! (In a very, very nice way, of course.)

English Author or is Set in England: Time to give up one of my last two hoarded Talia Hibbert books and actually read Sweet on the Greek, a book by a British author.


Gorgeous Cover: A Lesson in Thorns by Sierra Simone. Like… This cover is everything.

Read a Comic/Manga/Graphic Novel: Hopefully I’ll read the third and final installation in the March trilogy, but that requires me to finish the second one before my loan expires.

Read a Paperback: I could go for a million choices on this one, but I think I’m going to go with Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren.


Read Your Friend’s Favorite Book: So, A Bollywood Affair by Sonali Dev is one of those books that Dani listed in Spring Favorites. It’s not her favorite book of all time, I don’t think, but it IS one that she has highly recommended and that’s on my Kindle.

Book with a Yellow Cover: Blame It on the Duke by Lenora Bell because it’s time to finally pick up a second Lenora Bell book!

Book that Starts with a Prologue: Midnight Mass by Sierra Simone starts with a prologue, which is super convenient because it’s also a novella, I think.


Listen to an Audiobook: August is Women in Translation month, so I’ll be reading The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende in audio format to accomplish two birds with one stone.

Read a Book Between 350-390 Pages: Scorched by Laura Griffin, which was a book I was intrigued by in my Try a Chapter: Romantic Suspense Tag.

Read a Book with a Flower on the Cover: The Queen’s Game by Carla Guzman, which also will fulfill the challenge for Ripped Bodice Summer Bingo for a square with royalty.


Read a Book with Queer Representation: The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite is the book I think I’m going to pick up for this one. I do have quite a few books that would qualify though. This one is a sapphic historical romance and the first one that was traditionally published by Avon!! (Once Ghosted, Twice Shy by Alyssa Cole was also traditionally published by Avon, but it’s a novella and also contemporary. We celebrate both on this blog though. And own both.)

Read a Book That’s Not First in the Series: It’s finally time for me to finish off Elin Hilderbrand’s Winter series and read Winter Solstice.

Read a Book Over 500 Pages: The Diviners by Libba Bray is my choice for this one because Jane, Madeline, Melanie, and Chelsea are hosting a readalong and!!!! We! Finally! Have! a! Release! Date! for! King of Crows!!!!!! February 2020 might kill me, but it’ll be a glorious way to go.

Muggle Studies

Cover that Includes an Actual Photo Element: I’m going with My Imaginary Ex by Mina V. Esguerra for this one.

Book Set in Our World: Thirsty by Mia Hopkins is my choice for this one.

Book Written by a Person of Color: On Pointe by Shelly Ellis is my option for this one. I think it’s novella length, which is helpful, but more importantly, it’s about dance, which is something I love reading about.

Alright, those are my choices for this Readathon! If they’re required for me to be able to become an Auror (which is not a career I would do if I were actually a witch, for the record), I’ve bolded the challenge so you’ll know what my priorities are. Please send me good vibes because we all know I’m trash at following my TBR, but I’m genuinely excited about all of these books. Are you participating?


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  1. Wait, how long do you have for this readathon? Because that is a lot of books! I’m sending you lots of good vibes, and I hope you enjoy Kill the Queen and A Bollywood Affair if you decide to pick them up!!

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