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The Reading Rush is taking place from July 22-July 28th, was formerly called Booktubeathon, and is the creation of Ariel Bisset and Raeleen. They’ve created this website where you can earn badges, which is basically the greatest because ya girl is super externally motivated so fingers crossed I actually accomplish some things this week.

There are seven challenges for this readathon and if you read a different book for each challenge there’s also an extra badge for reading seven books in seven days. So I went ahead and chose seven books, but y’all know I don’t follow my TBRs ever so I’ve mentioned places I can double up.

Read a Book with Purple on the Cover

This is likely to be a challenge I wind up doubling up on, but I have a couple books I’m inclined to slide in here. One of those is Shadow’s Seduction by Kresley Cole, which is one of my last two IAD books to read and the font is purple on my physical copy. It’s also queer paranormal, which is a square on The Ripped Bodice summer bingo board that I haven’t filled yet. I have also included The Sun is Also a Star in several TBRs, but this time I have the added incentive that it’s also a movie and one of these challenges is to read and watch a movie adaptation. Additionally, that title is also six words long! You’ll see some other double ups with this challenge later in the post as well.

Read a Book in the Same Place

I’m not going to designate a specific book for this one, but I pretty much read most of my books in the same spot so this is unlikely to be difficult.

Read a Book You Meant to Read Last Year

This list could be extensive, so I tried to limit to books that fill other prompts too. To double up with reading a book with five or more words in the cover, I could do The Summer of Jordi Perez by Amy Spalding or Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal (also both have purple in the cover). Grumpy Fake Boyfriend by Jackie Lau is an another option that not only is a book I meant to read last year, but is also an author’s first book and has purple in the cover.

Read An Author’s First Book

The Last Wolf by Maria Vale is my other option for this. I know I have more debuts than this, but I honestly can’t be fussed with figuring out which ones I have.

Read a Book with a Non Human Main Character

I mean, The Last Wolf by Maria Vale would certainly work for this, but my actual plan is to listen to Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues by Molly Harper because I’m woefully behind on my audio listening and I have to make a trip to and from Raleigh during the readathon so I think I’ll have enough time to listen to this and my pick for book to movie adaptation. If I do the Harper book, it would also double up for reading a book with five or more words in the title! My final option is The Unleashing by Shelly Laurenston, which has the floppiest paperback and gives me great joy.

Read a Book with Five or More Words in the Title

I have a million choices for this prompt and I have no idea which one to pick up. I’ve got Tempted by the Billionaire Next Door by Therese Beharrie, whom I’ve been wanting to read for ages so that’s also a good pick. Also, the title makes me think next door neighbors, which is a square I need in The Ripped Bodice Summer Bingo! And I finally picked up my Book of the Month package, which includes Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia! I’m really excited about that one and it has purple on the cover. And my last two books I’m going to talk about are advanced copies from Netgalley, Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center and Twice in a Blue Moon by Christina Lauren. What am I actually going to read? I have no idea! If you have thoughts, please feel free to share them. 🙂

Read a Book and Watch the Movie Adaptation

The Hunger Games is absolutely my pick for this because Tatiana Maslany is the narrator and I… love her. I can’t wait to listen to this audiobook! And I haven’t watched The Hunger Games in ages and since we’re getting a prequel soon, it definitely seems like a great time to start my reread.

Are you participating in The Reading Rush? If so, please feel free to add me as a friend on the website! Also, please ignore that my stated TBR in no way lines up with this one. I don’t know what I’m reading is honestly the true TBR.


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  1. Good luck with the readathon! It sounds like you have a lot or opportunities to double up, so I bet you’ll be able to complete all of the challenges


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