Psy-Changeling: A Series Review

So, here’s the thing, I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this post since I finished Ocean Light last year on August 17. I started Slave to Sensation on June 3, 2018 and finished Silver Silence on July 22, 2018. I then had an agonizing waiting period for my next Audible credit, but eventually I had it. In the interim, I started re-reading the series. The problem is that I’ve still got no idea what I want this post to look like. So I’m first going to point you to two different articles that might hit your Psy-Changeling sweet spot: Aarya’s defense of my beloved Sienna and Zaira and Dani’s series wrap up.

And now… I’m going to force myself to answer questions so that I can one day look back on this as amused as I was when I looked at the spreadsheet Aarya created and discovered I had rated Kaleb and Sahara 26/26 (aka my least favorite hero/heroine) a few months ago!

Favorite Heroines of Psy-Changeling

  1. Sienna Lauren Snow – My precious bb. I love her. I loved seeing her support Hawke in Wolf Rain, I love seeing her grow up, I love seeing her with Hawke, I love seeing her with Toby and Marlee. I just love Sienna.
  2. Silver Fucking Mercant – Queen of my heart and totally capable of taking over the entire world. I love Silver. She’s incredible. She’s so strong and organized and amazing and I LOVE HER so much.
  3. Zaira – I love her. She would cut people UP if they came after her people and I LOVE that.
  4. Memory – Like, tbh, our newest heroine is a bloodthirsty E and I identified with her HARD. I love Memory.
  5. Sascha – I just… I have such a soft spot in my heart for my precious Sascha. She was our first heroine!! And I love her so much.

Favorite Heroes of Psy-Changeling

  1. Valentin – I love him. He’s got such a big heart. Like, just the biggest heart.
  2. Aiden Kai – LIGHT OF MY LIFE. He’s so loyal and good and he really doesn’t seem to get that he is SO WORTHY.
  3. Vassic Zen – See above. My precious Arrow babies.
  4. Hawke – My precious alpha. I love him always and forever.
  5. Judd – Did I mention my precious Arrow babies? I just… I love them.

Favorite Books

  1. Kiss of Snow is my favorite, always and forever.
  2. Silver Silence
  3. Shards of Hope
  4. Play of Passion
  5. Shield of Winter

Favorite Couple

  1. Hawke and Sienna, obvs.
  2. Aiden and Zaira
  3. Valentin and Silver (should they be second??? Maybe? Probably???)
  4. Lucas and Sascha
  5. Riley and Mercy

Favorite Novellas

  1. Secrets at Midnight
  2. Whisper of Sin
  3. Partners in Persuasion
  4. Stroke of Enticement

Top Five Moments in the Entire Series

  1. Hawke picking Sienna up at the bar and calling her “baby” (Note: The author is exhibiting remarkable self-restraint and has not started replaying the Kiss of Snow audiobook for the fourth time.)
  2. Zaira with children. Just all of them.
  3. Every conversation about sex between the Arrows and Arrow adjacent Psy.
  4. Pupcubs!
  5. The Bears. Just… Everything about them.

I contemplated jumping into my least favorite things (aka Clay slut shaming Talin for WAY TOO LONG), but decided I just really don’t feel like it. Please let me know your favorite moments in the comments below!


4 responses to “Psy-Changeling: A Series Review”

  1. Ugh, I’m so glad you made me read this series. I’m struggling so hard to think of favorite moments, though. Because I read them more recently, some of the ones that come to mind are when they call Alexei Sexy Alexei in Wolf Rain, when Bo played with Kaia as a dolphin for the first time, and when Valentin signed his note “I.M.A. Medvedek.” I also completely agree with #3. And when Kaleb got Sahara to come back to him. And when Judd finally let himself be with Brenna. And when Alexei and Mercy let themselves embrace the mating bond (and all of the other times the bonds snapped in place, tbh). God, now I need to reread the entire series just so I can pay more attention and track my favorite moments. There are too many!

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  2. Okay, I really tried to limit myself to 5, but after removing a bunch there were still 10 left, so…

    My favorite (non romantic) moments in the series:
    • Kimberly telling Zach why she’s decided on him for Annie in Stroke of Enticement
    • the declaration at the end of Heart of Obsidian (still gives me chills whenever I read it!)
    • Walker thinking about Judd in Texture of Intimacy
    • Kaleb declaring peace with Devraj in Shield of Winter
    • Nikita meeting Nadiya in Allegiance of Honor
    • Annie’s conversation with Kaleb in Allegiance of Honor
    • Lucas’ reaction to learning Dorian can shift in Dorian
    • Silver laying down the law to Galina in Silver Silence
    • Bowen wondering why Lily let them put his brain in jar in Ocean Light
    • Rina referring to the SnowDancer den as a “puppy pit” in Wolf Rain

    I am not even going to attempt to list my favorite characters, couples, or books as there’s no way I can only do 5 of each. I can’t even list only my top 5 single characters I want to have stories.

    As for established couples who have not yet had books or novellas…
    • Sing-Liu & D’Arn
    • Noelle & Riordan
    • Jaya & Abbot
    • Evanova & Alik
    • Atalina & Dex
    • Seraphina & Edison
    • Nerida & Yuri
    • Nicki & Jason
    • Yuki & Elias
    Leaving off Matthias & Nell and Nikita & Anthony as I think they are the ones who will most probably at least get subplots in upcoming books if not a story of their own.

    See? I am obviously no good at keeping this short as that’s more than 5 as well.

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