Smutathon TBR

Smutathon is back! Hosted by Riley from Riley Marie and Lainey from GingerReadsLainey, Smutathon is a romance themed readathon taking place from June 3-June 9th. This year the challenges come in the form of a Bingo board!

Since Wolf Rain comes out on Tuesday, I’ve determined it’s going to be my Author of Color pick for the readathon, so the question then becomes do I go up and down for the Bingo or do I go across?

I’m leaning toward across, which would mean my choice for enemies to lovers is A Wicked Kind of Husband by Mia Vincy, which is a twist on this trope given that Cassandra and Joshua are already married at the start of this book. They don’t like one another at all though, so I’m quite excited for this one! I’ve heard really good things about it too.

For out of my comfort zone, I think I’m going to continue down my Laura Kaye binge and try a motorcycle romance. *gulps nervously* I’m not a motorcycle romance kind of girl, but I’m intrigued by Haven, the heroine of Ride Hard, the first in the Raven Riders series, a spin off of Hard Ink. So, I’m going out of my comfort zone, but in a way that I am really hoping is safe. There’s just something addictive for me about Laura Kaye’s writing. I’m not sure what it is!

As for a vacation romance, I genuinely have no idea what to choose for this one. I’m thinking that Surrender of a Siren by Tessa Dare is a possibility as it sounds like our heroine, Sophia Hathaway, runs away to find her own vacation. It’s at least a historical with travel involved, so good enough, perhaps? If I’m lucky, The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren will come in (I’m on hold at the library), but we’ll see.

Are you participating in Smutathon? Let me know!


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