Try a Chapter: Blue Romance Novels Edition

I don’t know why I have five romance novels with blue spines, but I do, so I thought, why not make a ridiculous Try a Chapter post about them? I am really excited to read each of these books, but have been in this weird mood that has me not reaching for anything because I want to read EVERYTHING. Have you ever been there? Also, I’m trying to resist re-reading more Psy-Changeling books or Hidden Legacy again. It’s a battle, y’all.

Anyway, the five books are pictured below, but to list them, I’ve got Tessa Bailey’s Disorderly Conduct (thanks, Dani!), A Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole, The Duke Buys a Bride by Sophie Jordan, The Arrow by Monica McCarty, and Mogul by Joanna Shupe.

1) Disorderly Conductby Tessa Bailey

I’ve not read a book by Tessa Bailey before so I’m interested to see how this goes! I have been hearing good things about her in terms of angst lately though. Anyway, I’m diving in.

Oh dear. I’m really on the fence with this one. First of all, Charlie’s narration was not doing anything good for me. Secondly, I’m wary of cop heroes right now, especially ones who seem blindly devoted to their job. Third, Ever literally tries to walk away and Charlie pulls her back and kisses her. Dude. Ahhhh.

But then the kiss was really dang hot and ugh. Anyway, I don’t know that it’s the book I want to pick up right now, but I didn’t hate it.

2) A Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole

If I read the first chapter and then don’t stop, I honestly won’t be surprised. But it’s 11:00 pm so let’s hope I don’t do that. (Also, please ignore that I hurt the cover of this book. I definitely did not mean to, but my room was dangerous for a few days and it just happened.)

Okay, I found self-control, but I just squealed so loud and for so long, I’m honestly surprised my across the hall neighbor didn’t come knock on my door and demand I get it together. Portia was not my favorite character in A Princess in Theory, largely because she was not a great friend. But Project New Portia is underway and has taken our girl to Scotland where she’s doing an apprenticeship to make swords. It doesn’t really get much cooler than that, honestly. And, just like Rock Hard by Nalini Singh, Portia attacks her boss thinking he’s doing something wrong and then they’re going to fall in love and ya girl is PUMPED. I just want to keep reading forever. Ah, okay, book three.

3) The Duke Buys a Brideby Sophie Jordan

Sarah MacLean, one of my favorites, adores Sophie Jordan and was talking up this book so when I did my Target Therapy last Friday and saw this book, I decided I HAD to have it (because Target and self-control are wildly incompatible). So here’s hoping I love this one!

Well, I’m intrigued. The hero of our story wakes up face down in horse excrement, so that’s a new one. And then our heroine is trying to escape from a situation by… a marriage mart? I’m a little confused, but in a way that has me anxious to continue.

4) The Arrow by Monica McCarty

One of the advocates I work alongside recommended McCarty’s highlander books to me at the beginning of the summer and I recalled seeing this one in particular on Sarah MacLean’s long list of book recommendations. I’ve already read the rather lengthy prologue, which was interesting, but not what I was in the mood for at the time. I’m still not convinced, so here’s hoping chapter one makes me a little more anxious to pick this book up.

Oh boy. I am excited to watch Gregor fall head over heels for his ward. He’s gotten it in his head that he needs to marry her off now, which is going to make his fall so much sweeter!

5) Mogul by Joanna Shupe

I adore Joanna Shupe so the fact that I have four of her books hanging out unread is terribly ill done of me. I read the first chapter of this one a while ago and set it aside, so I think I’ll go ahead and read chapter two.

Well, chapters two and three are now read. I really enjoy this book, but I’m not sure it’s the one I want to go with. It’s fascinating though how Lily and Calvin have such different ideas of what ended their marriage. I’m really looking forward to seeing that unfold. And we’re talking about The Chinese Exclusion Act! I feel like the U.S. likes to sweep this under the rug, but it’s so horrendously shameful. I literally didn’t know it was a thing until I took Immigration Law in law school. So I’m really glad to see a couple of books now really tackle the subject. (The other is The Diviners series by Libba Bray, in case you were wondering.)

I think the book I’m going to read is A Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole, but I am really excited to get to the rest of these books soon! Have you read any of these? If so, which would you recommend I get to the soonest?


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