September TBR

Just to check in, last month I put six books on my TBR and read two out of the six. So that’s terrible. But I really am trying to reduce my TBR because it’s overwhelming. I finally made a spreadsheet and I have over 200 books I haven’t read. First of all, how? Second of all, how am I supposed to finish all of these? So anyway, here goes nothing. These are the five books I’m determined to get to in September.

1) Catwoman: Soulstealerby Sarah J. Maas

I have been very much looking forward to this book and it has been out for nearly a month, but my pre-order went to my parent’s house not my P.O. box so I haven’t gotten it yet. But I will this weekend! Selina Kyle is such a fun character and I cannot wait to see what Sarah has done with her.

2) Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo

Staying on the DC Icons theme… I feel like I’ve owned this book forever, which is to say for about a year now and there’s no excuse for me not having read it yet. I loved the movie and I’m really excited to read Leigh’s take on Diana.

3) Heart on Fireby Amanda Bouchet

This book was on my Most Anticipated: Winter edition and despite owning it, I’ve still not read it. There’s no reason for that so time to hop to it! Anyway, Heart on Fire is the conclusion of a fantasy romance series that began with A Promise of Fire. While I thought book one was better than it’s sequel, I was still left utterly transfixed and ready for book three. Now all that’s left is to actually read it… Anyway, Cat was hanging out in a traveling circus trying to hide, when Griffin finds her. He realizes she’s the Kingmaker and oops, she’s kidnapped to return to his kingdom. Only Cat’s got secrets. And also, whoops, they’re falling in love. Now, of course, they’ve fallen in love and the stakes got bigger and it’s conclusion time!

4) Scorchedby Laura Griffin

I have really enjoyed the books in the Tracers series that I’ve read thus far, so I’m looking forward to reading this one. I haven’t been reading this one in order at all, but this is number six. Kelsey is a forensic anthropologist working at Delphi Center and finds her search for answers leading to the scene of her exfiance’s murder. And the one person who can help her get those answers is Navy Seal, Gage Brewer, who is also a suspect to the murder. This might also be a second chance love story so, uh, we’ll see where I land on this one!

5) The Stone Skyby N.K. Jemison

N.K. Jemison is the first person in history to win the Hugo Award for all three books in a trilogy. She did it back to back to back. She is beyond impressive and it is high time I actually finish the series. The end of book two left my mind just a little bit blown and I cannot wait to finish the series out! I’ve been dragging my feet a little because I’m not quite ready for it to come to an end. Once it does though, I can shift gears to The Inheritance Trilogy, so it’s not like my time with Jemison’s writing is coming to an end.

Does anyone have tips or tricks for making sure I stick to a TBR? This mood reader over here keeps going back and re-reading books, which was a goal, yes, but not this many re-reads!


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