Best Books of the Year (So Far)

We are halfway through 2018! I’m not sure how this trash fire year is going to end, but in the interest of remaining sane enough to continue writing angry, but well thought out emails to my Congressmen (because ofc they’re all men), I’m choosing to focus on the positives! I’ve read 130 books, including novellas and graphic novels, so far this year, about 60 more than when I first started this list at the beginning of April. So let’s see how the list has changed!

1. The Hidden Legacyby Ilona Andrews (books #1-3)

New to this list, Burn for Me captured my attention and my heart nearly from the get go and I fell in love with the trilogy so hard I re-read it barely a month later. I cannot stop talking or thinking about this series and I absolutely cannot wait for the novella coming this November or the continuation of the series following Nevada’s younger sister. Honestly, just give me all the Connor Rogan. Rogan is, for the record, probably my favorite man of all of the books I’ve read so far this year.

2. Homegoingby Yaa Gyasi

This book is heartbreaking, but beautifully written in a way that I could appreciate at the time I read it. I’m not sure if I read it right now I could make it through so if you’re sensitive to human pain at the moment, maybe wait a bit? That said, I genuinely think Homegoing was a fantastic family saga that was really important for me to read. It was only knocked down to second place in this list because of my unending love of The Hidden Legacy series.

3. Rock Hardby Nalini Singh

Also knocked down by one place, Rock Hard is currently checked out from the library because of my fierce need to read it again. I adore Charlie and T-Rex and will probably adore them forever and always. One of my absolute favorite contemporary romances, Rock Hard will definitely still be on this list at the end of the year.

4. Dance with Meby Alexis Daria

I love Natasha and Dimitri so much. Their relationship was such a fun friends with benefits to real relationship process that I adored it almost as much as I love the movie No Strings Attached. Natasha’s fierce need to prove herself reminded me of my youngest sister in some ways and I was just so happy when she let Dimitri in, finally! This couple was just so absolutely precious to me. Enough even to have knocked Take the Lead off my list because it doesn’t compare to my love of this particular couple.

5. Wicked and the Wallflowerby Sarah MacLean

MacLean is one of my absolute favorite authors, but even I must admit to being a little surprised by just how much I adored this book. Devil plans to use Felicity Faircloth to ensure his brother knows that he must uphold his end of the bargain they made as children, which would normally set my teeth on edge. And maybe it would have if Felicity hadn’t continually surprised Devil into forgetting to follow his own plan. Everything about the couple endeared them to me and I found myself laughing out loud and sneaking the opportunity to read more of this book when I was supposed to be hanging out with my friends. Oops. The power of Sarah MacLean though, honestly.

6. We’re Going to Need More Wineby Gabrielle Union

I think about this memoir a surprising amount, honestly, and so it jumped ahead of a book that it was behind on my earlier list. Gabrielle Union is a wise woman and I found myself enjoying her thoughts both while I listened to this book and now, months later. I think I will maybe never get over the concept of a privileged rape victim and I think that’s maybe an important thing for me to always keep in mind. Anyway, I highly recommend her memoir!

7. The Wedding Dateby Jasmine Guillory

This book is just bottled joy and I love it so much. Seriously. In case of emergency, buy a bottle of wine, some fancy cheese, and read this book. Also make sure you have a taco place nearby. Mostly though, just read this book.

8. Grin and Beard Itby Penny Reid

Jethro and Sienna forever, honestly. I love them so much. My inability to forget my love for Sienna resulted in this book both losing one spot on the list, but overtaking a couple of books that had been ranked ahead of it.

9. Bad for the Bossby Talia Hibbert

I’m still in awe that Talia Hibbert really wrote that line about her heroine’s dimpled thighs like it was a good and sexy thing. God bless authors who have the ability to write a body positive book like this. Also, the ability to take a boss/employee story and still have me feeling like the heroine/employee really did have control of the situation and the ability to consent. Just… Bless this book.

10. Archangel’s Shadowsby Nalini Singh

Ashwini and Janvier stole my heart and made me cry. Ugh. Nalini Singh is so talented, it’s absurd. I love the Guild Hunters series so much and while I adore Elena and Raphael, there was something about Ashwini and Janvier that had me intrigued from the second they were mentioned in passing in the first book and this book did not let me down.

And there you have it! My list of the top ten books I’ve read so far! The list is already difficult to figure out, but I’m having fun trying to keep myself at a strict ten. I found it interesting too that five of my top ten stayed on the list. Who knows what the list will look like when the year is complete? I’m so excited for the books to come! What has been your favorite book so far?


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