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  • September Wrap Up

    September Wrap Up

    I’m a little sad my birthday has come to a close… And also how in the world did the month go by so fast? October is going to be a busy month for me too so we’ll see what that means in terms of getting reading done. But this month, I read 24 books and […]

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  • May Wrap Up, Part Two

    I love that I just had a conversation last month about how I was pretty sure my reading was seriously down from normal and then I somehow read fifteen books in the second half of May. Like… What? Who am I? Anyway, let’s hop to it since I clearly read too many books this month […]

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  • May Wrap Up, Part One

    Note: I have decided to migrate my blog from Wix to WordPress, but because I am technically challenged, I’m only transferring posts from May 2019 over here and maybe later I’ll figure out the rest of it, but for now… Here we are. Eventually I will reach an equilibrium with my job and be able […]

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  • April Wrap Up, Part Two & OWLS Wrap Up

    April Wrap Up, Part Two & OWLS Wrap Up

    The second half of April saw me beginning my new job and I can’t pretend my reading didn’t suffer from it. The majority of the books I finished were due to audiobook time since I’m back to having a decent commute and because I went home for Easter weekend. The rest of my reading in […]

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  • Most Anticipated Books of Winter Check In

    Most Anticipated Books of Winter Check In

    I had a list of ten books I was super highly anticipating that released from December through February and I thought it would be fun to check in and see if I’m good at predicting books I’m going to love and actually, you know, pick up. Of course, the tenth book was supposed to be […]

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  • February Wrap Up, Part Two

    February Wrap Up, Part Two

    I moved toward the end of February and I STILL don’t have internet in my new place, which is why this post is so delayed. For some reason Wix doesn’t like to use my phone’s hotspot so I’m at our new Starbucks (which hallelujah praise the Lord, means Starbucks is now only 30 minutes away […]

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  • February Wrap Up, Part One

    February Wrap Up, Part One

    My goal this month was to read 28 books and, um, well, so far so good. That means I have a TON of books to talk about so buckle up! 1. It Takes Twoby Jenny Holiday My least favorite of the otherwise delightful Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series. I still need to read the Merrily Ever […]

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  • January Wrap Up, Part 2

    January Wrap Up, Part 2

    Let’s start off with how I did on my goals shall we… First, I did not manage to read Heart on Fire or The Stone Sky this month because, well, I don’t really have a good excuse, honestly. And I am still interested in both books. I’m going to push myself to pick up The […]

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  • September Wrap Up, Part One

    September Wrap Up, Part One

    September is already half over? How is this possible? On the bright side, my birthday is twelve days away! My sister actually already gave me my birthday gift of two books I picked out while I was home over Labor Day so I’m the proud owner of The Nightingaleby Kristen Hannah (finally) and A Secret […]

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  • July Wrap Up, Part One

    July Wrap Up, Part One

    I’m not sure how it happened, but I’ve read more books in the beginning of this month than I have in the past two and more pages. Fortunately, some of these books, I’ll be reviewing in a separate post for the SmutAThon Wrap Up. I opted against doing a Tome Topple Wrap Up, but will […]

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