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  • My 2019 OTPs

    My 2019 OTPs

    2019 was a great year for romance and there were a lot of couples I fell head over heels for. So I’m really excited that today’s topic for Top 10 of 2019, hosted by Kimberly and Ginger, is about listing ten of our new OTPs. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, OTP stands for one…

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  • Cover Love

    Continuing with the Top 10 of 2019, hosted by Kimberly and Ginger, today’s topic is your favorite covers. I limited myself to books that I’ve read, even though I think a few of the ones I haven’t read have incredible covers and while I tried to keep it to only 2019 books, I’m so in…

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  • Captivating Characters

    Captivating Characters

    I’m really excited to get to write about my favorite characters from this year and also overwhelmed that I am supposed to only list for you ten??? Is it cheating if I give you separate lists of favorite heroines, favorite heroes, and favorite non-binary characters? Okay, fine, I’ll be good and obey the rules of…

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  • Books I Wish I’d Gotten to in 2019

    Books I Wish I’d Gotten to in 2019

    To those that celebrate: Merry Christmas!! I love Christmas and I love that this is the start of our Top 10 in 2019 prompts from Kimberly and Ginger. This is serving as my Most Anticipated Books of the Year Wrap Up as well because in truth, that’s what all of these books are from. There…

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