April Wrap Up and May TBR

Y’all, my reading groove is back. I think I really was just slowed down with my obsession with The Wheel of Time so it’s good to be back on reading a ton of books with some variety. I had a good reading time in April. As far as everything else, my nephew is my favorite human and he has decided that Easter eggs are not for finding, they are for throwing. So that was a fun adventure. None of my glitter eggs survived his egg hunt. Good thing he’s cute. Otherwise, things were pretty much the same old, same old. So let’s talk about books!

April Wrap Up || firewhiskey reader

Books I Read in April by Rating

5 Stars

4.5 Stars

4 Stars

3.5 Stars

3 Stars


  • Total Books Read: 37
  • Audiobooks: 25
  • Ebooks: 12
  • Physical Books: 0
  • Hauled: 19
  • Borrowed: 8
  • Owned: 5
  • ARCs: 10
  • Most Read Genre: Contemporary Romance with 13

My Posts This Month

Posts from Around the Internet I Wanted to Share

  • This Love Struck Daily Podcast episode about Melinda’s HEA
  • This Twitter thread Kate Clayborn started where she asked people to share their favorite romance quote
  • This Twitter thread Hannah started where she asked people to share the books that make your heart ache and make you want to hug the characters
  • This Twitter thread from Nick pairing the Sharma sisters in their gorgeous outfits with desserts. Warning: You may need to have some sweets on hand as you look through this.
  • Y’all know I don’t review every book I read, but when I read Nick’s review of Below Zero by Ali Hazelwood I kept muttering exactly! to myself and other musings out loud, so I decided sharing her review is really even better than reviewing it myself.
  • Not to deviate entirely away from romance novel content, but did you know Taylor Swift heardle is a thing? I’m obsessed.
  • This Book Riot post about 1950s set romances was really useful.
  • I appreciate in every way this Audiobook Narators for Newbies post from Amber! She’s made me pay more attention to the narrators I know I enjoy. Obviously, for me I already knew I really love January LaVoy (truly, her Diviners audiobooks are masterpieces of craft) and Julia Whelan (who doesn’t love her?). But when I was listening and loving the Part of Your World audiobook after reading this post, I sat down and looked through all of Zachary Weber’s narrations to see if there are any others I must get to because I liked him a lot too. (This led to me realizing he is in Seat Mates and The Belle and the Beard, which I adored already so if I had just been paying more attention I could have done this ages ago.) And then Amber followed it up with her most recommended audiobooks post so, obviously that one deserves a shout out as well!
  • This Instagram post from Amanda of Adult Romances with Gender Expansive Leads!

May To Be Read

I’ve got a ridiculous amount of May ARCs and while I’m hoping that by the time this post goes live, I will have read three of them, I’m going to go ahead and list all of the ones that I haven’t read as of April 24th so you have some idea of the reviews you can expect from me. And then, I have some other books that I would really like to get to in May, which given that I’m five out of six books in that category in for April, I think I feel good about this system.

May ARCs

Six Books I Want to Read Anyway

Here’s hoping y’all have a great May! Please share with me your favorite books of the month and also what you’re looking forward to in May.


5 responses to “April Wrap Up and May TBR”

  1. It’s kinda ridiculous how much we agree on books – ha! I was beginning to think we are one and the same until I saw your rating for Ruby Fever. I didn’t love it as much as you, but that’s good and makes us less creepy! 🙂
    Seeing you post about those Mia Vincy books reminds me that I never finished read the last book. I should get to it now that my interest in HR is back. Very very happy to see the 5 stars for Kiss Hard and A Deal With The Devil. Will you be reviewing The Heart Principle?? I’m curious to see your thoughts and the reasoning behind the 3 stars!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think we have two places where we really disagree and that’s Ruby Fever and Emily Henry. Lol

      I need to finish her debut. And by finish, I mean start it. Lol.

      My review for The Heart Principle will be up on Wednesday thanks to you and Becky! I don’t know that I was able to articulate my reasoning very well though. I just… It wasn’t what I look for in a romance? It didn’t feel safe somehow. I have no idea if that makes sense, but it is how I felt.


  2. You read so many books! And I’m seeing you’ve read quite a few books I’m excited about so this is good. I am very excited for Ruby Fever and I’m interested where that book is going to go. I’m hoping we get more from that world. I also need to catch up on my Mia Vincy releases as I loved the first book from her. I’ve seen mixed things about The Heart Principle so I do have it to read but I’m nervous I’ll be disappointed. I hope you review it so I can get an idea of why it was only a 3 star read… although that might not help encourage me to finally pick it up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I read too many books in April, tbh! Definitely loved Ruby Fever so I hope you will too! I actually still need to read the first book from Mia Vincy. I read it in the order of like book events rather than publication order so I still have her debut to go.

      Thanks to you and Nick, you’ll see a review of The Heart Principle on Wednesday!! Thank you for asking for it because I was really struggling once my brain decided it was done reading and I hadn’t read a third ARC for Wednesday yet.


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