February Wrap Up

It’s really hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that it’s already March again, although at least this time I know I’m about to enter a period of intense transition. Things are a bit up in the air with my job at the moment so I’m a tad stressed about things. I’ve found myself in a bit of a slump reading wise this last week where I just can’t quite get my brain to settle and focus right now and I think that’s why. So who knows what March will bring. But anyway, you’re here for me to tell you about books! And I will, but I changed the format again and so I would love for you to tell me your thoughts on this format!

Pink background, text in the center says February Wrap Up with a silvery-blue leaf in the background behind it. Below that is a set of six books standing upright and then text that says firewhiskey reader and then a mug of coffee with whipped cream on top
February Wrap Up || Firewhiskey Reader

5 Star Reads

4.5 Star Reads

4 Star Reads

3 Stars


Black Author Readathon Wrap Up

Novella: Passing by Nella Larsen
Childhood to Adult: Honor and Desire by Rebel Carter
Historical Romance: Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins
Friend Group Series: Plus One by Christina C. Jones
Realistic Contemporary: Maybe Next Time by Christina C. Jones
Free Space: Deeper by Rilzy Adams
Friends to Lovers: Displacement by Alexandra Warren
Second Chance: Back in the Texan’s Bed by Naima Simone
New to You Author: Adjacent by Alexandra Warren
Romance Graphic Novel: Bingo Love: Jackpot by Tee Franklin et. al.

I didn’t actually manage to make a single Bingo and this really served to remind me that my mood reading is not really based on trope. I love so many of the prompts on the other squares but I’m not good at getting Bingo in a month with trope based on prompts! Oops.

Monthly Statistics

  • Total Books Read: 30
  • Average Rating: 4.13
  • Format Read: Physical – 7; Ebooks – 19; Audiobooks – 4
  • Authors of Color: 17
  • Own/Borrowed/Hauled: Own – 9 (+ 8 ARCs), Borrowed – 8, Hauled – 5

Reviews Posted to the Blog This Month:

Exciting Posts from Me in February

Posts from Around the Web that I’ve Loved

Okay, I think that is all I have bookmarked or otherwise saved to share, but tbh, I’m probably missing something! So please share with me if you think there’s something I missed that I shouldn’t have!


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